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    Fortnite Crashing every startup

    Hi. I play Fortnite on my gaming laptop but recently I was getting blue screens of death every single time I booted. I emailed Epic Games and they told me to have a technician look at my computer. The only thing I could do to fix the BSOD problem was to reset my pc. I did it and it was working...
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    Solved File system filter

    When i start up any game, this will be in my logfiles. Number 1, it starts up battleye, Number 2, it removes from memory. I have no idea what to do. I startup the game, after a few second it closes. 1.) - File system filter 'BEDaisy' (10.0, 2018 - 03 - 08T08: 34: 37.000000000Z) is loaded and...