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    Unable to Reset PC (partition nightmare)

    Hi, I have an Asus N series laptop with windows 8.1 installed that I bought in 2013. A while back I partitioned the drive for gaming but believe I corrupted some files that are essential to windows. So my plan was to factory reset back to original image. After backing up my files, I started the...
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    BCD Error

    Hello, I bought a USB with win 10 on it, booted up fine but I couldn't installed due to the error 0x0000098 and I am now stuck on that message screen whenever I boot my laptop up, is their anyway I can get back to when I first booted the USB so I can go on to start up repair and fix it. It's...
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    Computer Unable to Rebuild BCD?

    My computer recently stopped working and I perused several other forums until finding a solution which was to rebuild BCD via command prompt. The main issue is that my Asus x551m would not boot into Windows but would instead boot up into BIOS (Aptio Utility?) After downloading windows 10 on a...