1. S

    Continuous beep when turned on

    Im pretty new to computers and have an acer aspire with Windows 10. Apologies for not knowing anything about computers but recently after upgrading to Windows 10 I turned on my computer as per normal and the light turned on and the fan started but it emitted a continuous solid beep and my...
  2. K

    Power on PC: there's no beep sound and nothing on display

    Hello. So yesterday my PC was running fine (i have this pc for about half a year). Today I turned it on and it showed that windows can't repair itself so i turned PC off... Then I powered it back on but it doesn't show nothing on display, but PC itself is powered up (all fans are spinning and...
  3. H

    Computer not working after RAM Upgrade!

    I recently upgraded my RAM, i had a problem that was as simple as my RAM didn't go in correctly, and that was fixed, but now, the RAM in in correctly, but when I try to boot up, it beeps approximately 40 times very rapidly, too rapidly to count accurately, waits a couple seconds and repeats...
  4. tyopoyt

    Memory Error Beep Code

    So, I recently moved a tower into my dorm that will be used as a secondary machine. I had it working at my house just fine, but now it won't boot. At first, I was not getting any beep errors, the lights simply came on with no display output. I have gotten it to a point where I am getting a...
  5. Maxx0531

    No boot, no post, no beep code

    Hello, My Pc broke down today, it does not boot, no post, fans slightly turn on but then off and no beep code even without ram. I have tried with a new power supply so that is not the problem. I have also tried to start with just the mobo CPU and psu, but no luck. How do I know if I have a...
  6. M

    Need urgent help with my Pc

    Hi, I've had my pc for a while now and had a few problems with it but this is the worst it's been. I use a hdmi to put it on my monitor but no display will show up, i think it's broken. I've already tried changing the memory cards but it doesn't work, just turns on but nothing. It occassionally...