1. RedoxSRB

    1 long beep, two short beeps, not repeating

    Hello, i left my pc running overnight, when i woke up it was off, i tried turning it on and i got s string of beeps, one long, two short, i tried a few things but none of them fixed it so i need your help, i have an Asus A320m-k, 12gb or ddr4 ram, a ryzen 3 1200, so i cant test if the gpu died...
  2. K

    Power on PC: there's no beep sound and nothing on display

    Hello. So yesterday my PC was running fine (i have this pc for about half a year). Today I turned it on and it showed that windows can't repair itself so i turned PC off... Then I powered it back on but it doesn't show nothing on display, but PC itself is powered up (all fans are spinning and...
  3. D

    Need help with my lenovo y900-34

    So today i tried turnkng on my pc and a message appeared on my screen (Disk scanning, press any key to skip(5)). So i didnt skip and it took way to long so i turned off my pc. When i turned it on again nothing appeared on my steam and it started beeping 3 short beeps and 1 longer beep. I need...
  4. T

    Computer wont boot buy beeps twice continuously

    Ive just installed a 4gb ram stick and it went to windows recovery so i rebooted it then it went to the same thing so i turned it off then removed the new ram and now my computer just beeps twice continuously and wont boot up would really appreciate the help
  5. T

    My PC sometimes makes beeps and lagging my mouse

    Well, as the title says, every ~day my computer just starts for like 3 seconds to make beeps (in the headphones) and while it does that it also makes my cursor slowly flash (show & hide alot of times but very slow). BTW, I didn't know where to post it because it's not about anything in the...
  6. P

    BIOS speaker does not beep during post

    I have bought a bios speaker that plug's into the pin's on my motherboard but it does not give any beep's once I have powered on my desktop. Is there a soultion for this?
  7. K

    Solved Computer beeps at start up sometimes need help

    When I start up the computer sometimes it beeps, 4 short one long then 2 short one after that it repeats. I tried looking online but I couldn't see anything on my specific beeps. I already unplugged everything, undusted it, and checked if anything was loose nothing loose. Its working normally as...
  8. D

    Question about pc and beeps

    Hello, I was playing league of Legends, the game ended and when I clicked "continue", pc suddenly turned off. Power light was blinking like it would do when computer sleeps. I tried power button and etc. but it kept blinking, so I plugged off power and repluged it. When I turned on pc, one of...
  9. S

    Computer won't let keyboards work anymore.

    The problem: All of a sudden I was typing along and then I just...wasn't. Like the laptop stopped showing what I was typing, but it still kept doing the little chime (or ding) sounds every time I'd press a key. I plugged in my back-up keyboard, and it did the same thing, still didn't show up...
  10. T

    4 Beeps or blue screen error w/ Dell laptop

    When I try to turn on My Dell Inspiron n5110 laptop, it boots up for a few minutes then gives me the blue screen in the picture. Other times it just beeps 4 times continuously until I cut it off with no display. If this cannot be fixed, can I get my information off of it?
  11. C

    Different kind of beeping since I installed new GPU

    The beeping does not sound like the normal chirp kind of beep you get with a computer issue. This beep sounds almost like a car alarm or horn. The graphics card is not new but new to the system. It is also new as in not being used but it is Geforce 9800 GT brought out years ago. My computer is...