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    App making for beginner

    Hey people. So I'm just starting an associate in Computer Science and we are learning Java programming in class. However the class is rather slow and I really wonder if it will really help me for future jobs. I want to be a software/app maker. What should I do? what language to learn and what...
  2. X

    Help with first pc build

    Hello, Im building my first pc which will be used mainly for gaming and i would like some thoughts and recommendations for my build: - Thermaltake Core x71 tempered glass...
  3. B

    Speakers not working

    I'm not all too good with computers, so please forgive me if I get a little confused. I brought a new set of speakers, Sumvision Vcube 5.1, I followed a few youtube videos and plugged them in and they don't work. I followed all the instructions in the video, but like I said, I'm not all that...
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    Applescript select prompt answer?

    Working on a script to speed up mydaily work flow. I have a word file i constantly access. Its set up as a calendar so each time im asked if I would like to add dates yes or no and so on. My script gets me here I'm able to open the document just fine, I'm just stuck on how to input into my...