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    Belkin router not connecting online with Arris modem

    I recently purchased an Arris Surfboard SB6121 to replace my rental modem with Cox. I have registered the modem and can connect online while hardwired but my Belkin N150 will not connect to provide wifi. I've spent 2 hours dealing with Belkin and Cox but Belkin's solution was to extend my...
  2. R

    Belkin router, wireless laptop can't see wired PC

    Can anyone help with a router issue. My PC, LAN CAT5, can see my NAS, also connected via CAT5, but can't see my laptop and my laptop can't see either wired device. Both computers run Windows 10. The router is model F5D7234-4 V5 and Belkin won't help without my buying a plan. This capability...
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    dhcp and static roots issue on belkin router

    Greetings all. So, I was having some issues with my router. I host an ftp server off my computer so my friends and such can download files from my computer without me having to purchase a server, and so I need to forward ports. It worked perfectly on the old router, I static rooted by MAC...
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    Belkin Universal card reader problem

    I have purchased a Belkin Card Reader ref no. from the packet FAU044bt. This number does not bring up any info on the web and my Windows 7 computer is not picking it up. I am trying to use it to import photos from a Canon PC 1586 camera. Can anyone help ? Have I bought the wrong type ?. It...
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    Belkin N600 DB causing League of Legends problems

    Hello, I recently purchased a Belkin N600 Dual Band router and my internet speeds are great, however I love playing League of Legends and my play is greatly hindered for some reason. What keeps happening is that in a teamfight everything is very delayed and after that, it feels as if im...
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    Belkin wireless router problems

    I have a Belkin n+ f5d8235-4 v2 and I have reset the router and then I had to manually reconfigure everything and I may have messed something up. The router has two blinking amber lights: the modem and internet lights. -I began with my modem booted up, then I booted up my router while my...