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    Higher RAM Memory = Solution for iGPU slowing the CPU?

    Hello. I would like to ask if adding a RAM with higher memory would make up/solve the issue where a CPU is being slowed by its integrated GPU? I am trying to choose between buying 2600 and 3400g. With the 2600 +( RX 560 GPU), I believe it would technically be faster on a cinebench benchmark...
  2. M

    Stuttery FPS w/ AMD Radeon r7 370 series graphics card

    Hello everyone, and thank you for checking this thread in an attempt to help me! I'm not good with computers, so any instructions/directions you give me need to have every step carefully spelled out for me, or I'm likely going to run into some problems with my own stupidity! Now with that out of...
  3. L

    When I game my screen goes black and says no signal

    Hello people! I've recently bought a new graphics card (Asus GTX 980) and updated to windows 10, since then, every time I try to start a game or run a benchmark my screen (a Tv connected with HDMI) goes black and says no signal. It forces me to keep pressing the off button on my pc to turn it...