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    Windows Search- Search Online With A Screenshot? (Bing)

    Guys, How does the Windows Search icon in Windows 10, "Search Online With a Screenshot Work?" See the uploaded photo below for reference. What are the steps? Jack
  2. D

    Bing redirect and dodgy email

    Hi, I'd be grateful for your help. Yesterday, I received an email, apparently from a friend of mine to judge by the name, but the rest of the email (@???.com) looked suspicious. I phoned friend, she had not emailed me so I blocked the sender and deleted the email. Today, I had to update iobit...
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    only web site i can connect to is bing

    got a used inspirion mini 1012 everything seems to work but will only let me connect to bing. the bing site works. but any other site comes up as a connection error. I'm connected to the internet? it has windows xp any help would be appreciated Oh my other computer works fine