1. D

    Characters scrolling in password/pin# box on locked screen

    Need help resetting laptop or bypassing locked screen to create a pin#/password. Characters scroll in the box non-stop and doesn't allow me to put it in correctly to reach my home screen. I have experienced disruptions with my computer turning off on its own, cursor moving on its own, not being...
  2. Revox97

    PC freezing during booting process

    Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me to identify the root of the problem. My PC (build about two years ago by myself), had issues during startup. It freezed during booting process, sometimes i was able to get to the UEFI settings, but it will always froze after a fee seconds. So i decided to...
  3. F

    Asus X751LAV BIOS settings loop

    My laptop recently got a blue screen of death :( and said Bad config info. I researched on what to do and one of the solutions were to restore to the last restore point I did this and when I came back everything looked fine but everything was working soooo slow. For example, I would open google...