bios problems?

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    Solved Can't get to Bios

    Hi everyone, I just build a computer, a desktop, but when I boot it up I can't access my bios. It says "Reboot and select proper boot drive" pressing delete doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure if my keyboard is too slow to turn on as it takes 4 or so seconds after I hit the computers power...
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    Solved Monitor no longer supports resolution 1920X1080

    My problem : It all started from when I unplugged my HP w2338h monitor from my main PC (res. 1920x1080, specs listed below) into a raspberry pi 3. After using the monitor for the Raspberry PI 3, I plugged it back into my main PC again, and to my surprise the resolution was on 1024x724. When I...
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    New build. Can't load any OS.

    New build. gamer-x diy pc case. asus h170 m plus. seagate 1 tb HD. i5 6400 cpu. gtx 950 graphics card. I started my pc. popped in the win 10 usb and i got a sick pc error. Everything is new psu is a cmx 750 watt. I plug the usb in. it asks which bit. i select 64. per manufacturers requiements...