bios recovery

  1. B

    Need to reboot Compaq CQ58 - hard drive not visible in Bios

    Please can someone help me with the below? Your PC/Device needs to be reapired. The Boot Config Data for your PC is missing or contains errors. File:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD Error code: 0xc000000f What does this mean? I've entered Bios utility screen to change the order of the bios to...
  2. J

    Help resetting bios password on Toshiba Satellite L775-S7309

    I haven't used my Toshiba Laptop in a few years and now when I try to use it its asking for a bios password and I have no idea what it is. I've looked up solutions to this on google and they say the bios password needs to be reset. I've seen lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to do it, but none...
  3. Mukansi

    Bad bios flash resulted in bricked PC

    Hi guys, I'm using an Acer TMP453-M notebook (Intel i5 + 4GB Ram). I tried flashing a modded BIOS (from but something went wrong. Now my PC won't start-up: -Power LED blinks blue regularly -Fan struggles to start every-now-and then (but keeps attempting -No beeps heard -Screen...