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    Solved Stuck in BIOS

    Hi. I have a MSI GE72 2QD Apache Pro laptop running Windows 10. I've had this computer for a while now and it's been fine. Due to a certain game crashing on my computer, I wanted to see if my CPU was overclocked. Therefore, I entered the bios on boot up by hitting the Delete key. Once in the...
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    Asus R510c stuck in bios, what to do?

    My laptop is quite old, but injust started it up and it went straight to BIOS. Does anyone have an idea what i could try? Idk much about computers. Specs: Geforce GT720M 8 GB RAM - 750GB Memory Intelcore i5-3337u Windows 8 Not sure if i posted this in the wrong section sorry if i did!! Bios...