1. M

    Windows 10 Boot issue from PC I built

    I built a pc from scratch, and it launches into the BIOS without any issues. I have checked, and all the RAM is properly seated. When I created my windows installation media and selected to boot from that Hard Disk Drive that was formatted to FAT32, it would either load to the Republic of Gamers...
  2. A

    Can't enter Bios in Win10

    My pc starts too fast to enter Bios.I tried using UEFI startup but the screen just goes black indefinetely.
  3. P

    Hdd locked through bios , system win8.1

    Hello everyone , I locked my DELL laptop (win8.1) with a bios system and hard drive lock a long time ago and forgot the password , I am now trying to access the data on the seagate hdd (old pictures/files) but cannot access it because of the lock. I have put the hdd into a usb enclosure to try...
  4. M

    My pc wont load windows once moved from hdd to new ssd

    I recently moved my hdd files to my ssd to load windows from the nvme ssd but it doesnt let me run windows and is stuck in recovery mode
  5. Jakub503

    Solved New GPU - PC doesn't boot

    Hi I upgraded build with a new gpu and problems occured, but first some pc details i5 2400 16Gb ram Gigabyte h61m-s2pv 500W psu 1Tb hdd Windows 7 So I switched from gt640 to GTX960 and it did not booted. Frozen on Gigabyte screen for a few minutes then black screen. I deinstalled the gpu...
  6. Amttrak

    Dell G3 3579 charging issue

    My G3 3579 has recently developed a charging issue, in that it flickers from not detecting a charger, to “plugged in, not charging”. I’ve tried changing the charging settings etc., diagnostics show no issues, same problem with new battery new charger and new power jack, but nothing works, can...
  7. F

    Kali Linux iso not properly flashing to Pen Drive

    Hi, I have downloaded Kali Linux Installer 64bit iso (amd64) from official website yesterday. I have Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit OS. Today I tried to burn iso to flash drive several times but after burning completes, My flash drive shows red capacity line (means nearly full) and "10 kbytes out of...
  8. S

    Solved Bios Stuck

    Hello.. Today when I try to start my PC, it opened in uefi bios utility ez mode, and cant do anything.. Tried to start default mode, turn off and on 3 4 times,nothing happened..Sorry if this place is wrong to ask and for bad english
  9. P

    Asus BIOS Issue

    Hello all, I am working on an ASUS x205t. It had BIOS password that I believe I was able to remove. I am walking someone through this remotely, so that makes things a little challenging. Now, when the system boots, it no longer asks for the BIOS password, but it loads directly to the BIOS...
  10. jenhm

    Updated BIOS; now LAN adapter isn't recognized

    I have a custom-built desktop PC with a Gigabyte X79-UP4 motherboard running Windows 10 64 bit. Recently, I upgraded my BIOS from version F2 to F7. I downloaded the BIOS file and the @bios utility from the Gigabyte support website. F7 was the latest version fro my motherboard model. Afterwards...
  11. S

    prime os and corrupted bootloader

    please help me out there is some problem in booting of windows when i was using windows 8.1 i dual boot my pc with prime os off course to play pubg m on that but somehow i don't like it so i just go and uninstall the prime os which is linux based .but after restarting my pc windows bootloader...
  12. M

    Can't type my bios password

    Ok so I have a Lenovo V330 and I have the bios administrator password for it but I can't type it in -fully-. The password contains Capital letters, an underscore, and a percent that I can't type. Whenever I try to type those the computer beeps. bios: American Megatrends Inc. 3.11.2650...
  13. T

    Alert! TPM device is not detected (windows 10)

    This message popped up out of nowhere last night. I restored my laptop to a previous version last night and that got rid of the message until this afternoon. It's a Dell XPS with everything up-to-date. I have searched and searched and searched and found nothing to fix this issue. I don't want...
  14. T

    Bios does not recognise boot device

    Summary of problem: When I try to boot my PC 9/10 times it says "“Current BIOS settings do not fully support the boot device” and I have to turn it off and try turning it back on again. Initially it was maybe 1/3 times I tried to boot but it got increasingly rare that it boots properly. Now in...
  15. F

    PC won't turn on, fans do not spin

    I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me fix this problem that is driving me crazy. My PC wont turn on at all. Fans do not spin. I thought that my PSU is the problem and then i bought a new one. I used two Motherboards (i know at least one of them is working).. I tried using other RAM...
  16. phixgrrrl

    Clean Install W10: Bios/Boot Questions

    My questions revolve around Boot order and the SATA 3 connectors (I have 6) Bear with me... I've attached pics of what I mean. 1) Pic MB drive layout--this is where my sata connectors are and how they're numbered. Does which number drives are connected to make a difference? I've put what is...
  17. L

    Solved USB boot instal faill

    Hi all . I got msi z390 I instaled all harwares . My problem is that i boot Windows to instalL from USB but when the loading dot apears after 3 secs computer restarts . I dont know is problem in BIOS update USB stcik
  18. F

    Computer display no longer working

    I recieved a new PC monitor today and tried to setup dual monitors on my desk, as i was setting up my monitors I had discovered I only had one hdmi port for my graphics card. So I looked up how to set one monitor to on board graphics and the other to my graphics card which I was able to do in...
  19. D

    Bios not losing after update

    Please I need help. I have a Msi pro vdh max and I updated the bios through the Msi live update app. It told me to do flash and I clicked ok. And now there’s no video. Not from the graphics or motherboard. I don’t know what to do please help me.
  20. P

    My PC won’t boot up, I cannot find a solution anywhere

    Seeming unsolvable. My new PC will not start up. no matter what I try. PC I’ve been working on for a few days refused to start up. I can confirm that the mobo, GPU and power supply all work as I have tested them. With the fans running during the flash bios. (My USB was converted to 32FAT for...