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    Solved Windows 10 pro Auto repair then black screen!

    OK! I have an issue with Windows 10 Pro and also the date,time whenever i restart PC. OK! I have a 2011 PC with ASUS motherboard .I had this issue a few days ago like my PC when starts at first time a sound from the Fan of power supply make sound at first time then it stops making the loud...
  2. K

    Screen goes black while playing high end games

    hi... last week i thought its the time to build a pc for gaming... i assembled a pc... specs are -intel core i7 6th gen 6700 prcessor 3.40 Ghz - asus b150m plus mother board with ddr4 support - kingston hyper x fury DDR4 ram 2 x 8gb - zotac nvidia geforce gtx 960 graphic card 4 gb -toshiba 2tb...