black monitor screen

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    Laptop broken :(

    My laptop recently automatically updated and has not since worked properly. When I try to turn it on, all that shows up is the logo and the loading wheel, or a black screen. I cannot access the log in screen. I have tried most if not all the solutions in Troubleshoot. I also created a backup...
  2. G

    During a game my computer would freeze/monitor loses signal

    During gaming, my computer could be running perfectly fine then suddenly it freezes everything turns black and my monitor loses signal but the power light is still on. Restarting computer is the only fix.
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    Discontinued Theme Application (Black Screen)

    When I was changing the theme of my laptop I accidentally pressed the power button while the theme was still being applied to my laptop. Now when I open my laptop I can only see a black screen with the cursor, I tried pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del but still no effect, I tried pressing the power long...
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    using windows 7 dell studio 1558 Black screen on startup no life at all but can hear the normal functions of the computer starting up.. hard drive etc Replaced the ram and it makes no beeps. I know the screen works because when I hold down D on startup it gives me the multicolour screen test...
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    No picture on Monitor after power outage

    Hello, Last night I lost power on my computer while it was in use. Now I get no picture on my monitor after restarting my computer and it's not even a blue screen is just a black screen and the bottom power button is flashing blue. The monitor is an HP2009M and the computer is an Acer predator...