black screen no mouse

  1. MeltzNeedsHelp

    PC Black Screen

    Hello everyone, After basically upgrading almost everything in my pc, it will turn my screen black after launching any games. The thing is I can still hear the audio from the games and can sometimes keep playing (blind of course). Other times when I press buttons I hear the windows noise. I...
  2. U

    Black Screen Post-BIOS but Before Windows Startup

    Hi all, Just today I've found this problem with my computer- I can get through the BIOS, but just after that, my computer goes to this black screen with just an underscore blinking like I'm supposed to type and a short line of eight white dots just below. I am running Windows 10 Pro, I have...
  3. Treul

    New to the site, need help with computor

    Hey, I've been running off a PC i built a couple years ago and now i've had the hankering to upgrade it by putting in some new videocards. They worked fine for a while, but were getting a bit hot - so i reseated them and *may* have knocked the motherboard around while shuffling them about, and...
  4. R

    Black Screen of Death?

    So im having some trouble with startup. Once I startup my computer, the console message on normal startup comes up with different options for a few seconds then leaves. Normaly the windows logo pops up right after it and loads everything and then the login screen appears. However, the windows...
  5. K

    GPU-Shutting down

    Set up computer os-windows 7 premium cpu- i7 2600k gpu- nvidia geforce 960 motherboard - asrock (cant rember the rest right now) psu- 600 wats I will try to get the motherboard name when i get home... But my main problem is my gpu when play any game from Skyrim or PlayerUnknown my gpu stops...
  6. N

    Solved Computer showing Black Screen after unplugged during Reset

    Hey guys, I really screwed up this time. While trying to reset my computer last night, I unplugged it hoping it would resume. I was wrong. While the computer starts, nothing shows but a black screen. No Windows logo either- help!
  7. U

    Black Screen on Laptop Boot

    Hey everyone- So, I have a Lenovo y40 that's been acting funny for the past few months. Sometimes, when I try to turn the computer on (or even activate it from sleep), the power light on the side turns on and there's whirring, but the screen remains powered off. Any suggestions?
  8. Lucas22071

    Toshiba Satellite P855 Blinking Underscore - HELP! TAGS: Lap

    Need help, upon turning my laptop on it immediately shows a black screen with a blinking underscore and get stuck there. I've tried removing the battery and plugin it back again (which I've read in the some forums) and it still stays the same. It happened when I was replacing windows 10 whit...
  9. J

    Fade to black, now I can't use my PC?

    A few weeks ago I had some issues with windows, so i decided to upgrade my entire computer from scratch. I replaced all of the parts, and installed windows 10 on a new hard drive. However, once it installed, I was able to use it for only five minutes before it faded to black. Now, whenever I...
  10. J

    Black screen after boot

    So when I start my computer (prebuilt acer predator g3620) i get into this windows loading screen with the acer logo on top, then when it finishes loading it goes to black with this white horizontal line, all the usb devices still work and tapping the power button starts shutting down the...
  11. sahgon

    Solved Win7 stack on a blank black screen-issue with the gpu driver

    Hello, I am having win7 and a saphire amd radeon 7850 HD 1gb gpu. Some days ago i was playing a video game and suddenly something lke that happened,( i havent taken this photo but it looks a bit similar to my occasion), i was still hearing the sound of...
  12. C

    black screen flashing underscore

    My computer had an update now it won't boot up.. I have input. Disconnected hardware and cleaned the dust out. Nothing seems to work.
  13. AweBra23

    Windows 10 Black screen after Nvidia Driver Update

    Hi Guys I have a problem that I cant seem to solve I have tried everything that I have found online to solve this problem. Right after I install the latest Nvidia Drivers for my laptop my screen goes BLACK after the windows logo when I reboot. My Specs: Windows 10 Home 64Bit (Fresh/Clean...
  14. D

    Dell Inspirion 15 Black Screen No Mouse

    Can someone please help me. After a certain windows 10 update, the update failed to install, everytime. I finally decided to reboot my computer... but now I cant even operate it. Please help me.