black screen of death

  1. K

    Black screen on startup all in one touchscreen pc

    Was working fine last week moved it through to another room and now it starts up says pc in top corner then go's black hdmi connection is fine screen working in full colour but nothing on the pc Any advice would be much appreciated thank you 😊
  2. Astta

    Dual boot problem and black screen

    Hi, I'ven using Windows 10 and Linux in a dual boot for 2 months, but yesterday when I turned on my pc, it just directly booted to windows 10, and the "menu" that always appeared that let me chose which OS I wanted to use isn't there anymore. also, i don't have access to the bios, when I try to...
  3. G

    ASUS wont boot, black screen

    Hello, I'm using an Asus notebook X550Z laptop running windows 10 and it will no longer boot. the battery is likely toast; it won’t hold a charge and I had to keep it plugged in to operate. I had no issues otherwise until one day I went to boot the laptop and it got stuck on the ASUS screen...
  4. D

    Black screen of death

    Hi my pc with windows 10 installed on it only loads up with a flashing underscore on a black screen, no cursor. However I can start the bios but don’t know where to go from there. I need to know how to start my pc in any way possible.
  5. G

    Black screen

    I cleaned the graphic cards and put it back, so my mouse lights up when windows logo is on, but it doesnt show the logo only my mouse light up
  6. X

    My laptop has a black screen and I can't fix it

    I have a Lenovo yoga 11e for school and I was just playing a few games on it and when I turned it on the next day, it showed the Lenovo logo x2 and, still on btw, there was just a black screen and nothing else, I read up on it and it says there is often a cursor but it has no cursor . Everyone...
  7. W

    Black Screen of death after login

    My windows 10 laptop recently failed to boot after login. It cannot be fixed using system restore as it fails to identify any previous restore points. I have identified where the potential error is coming from. I can access CMD using the shift + restart to access troubleshooting. Through this I...
  8. K

    Black screen after windows loading screen, no login

    Hello, Recently my pc just showed a black screen when waking up from sleep, and i had to restart the pc to get to the login screen. Today the same thing happened, but now i cant get to the login screen even when rebooted. I have rebooted approximately 20 times, booted in both normal safe mode...
  9. B

    Solved Gateway DX4300 cannot find boot

    Windows failing to start. Black screen of death. Status 0xc000000f Boot selection became inaccessible. Tried using my win 7 repair disk but to no avail. Can I save this PC?