black screen with cursor

  1. Birtech

    Solved Problem after upgrade ram

    Hello all I have a problem and i need help with it I have a toshiba satellite A665-S6089 laptop that have 4 GB ram ( two slot 2GB each) . I bought a new 8GB ram, and when I put it in the laptop on its own, the BIOS recognized it, but after the BIOS takes off, the screen becomes black with a...
  2. wonjon

    Solved PC won't boot/black screen and cursor

    Yesterday I had a windows update, and I was able to restart my pc fine. It didn't fully update so I let it update and shut down so i could go to bed. Today I'm not able to boot my pc. I get a black screen and I can move my cursor. And occasionally the cursor has the blue loading circle and it'll...
  3. I

    Solved Black Screened Windows 10

    I am currently running Windows 10 (I have recently updated to the newest version in hope it would fix, but didn't) Recently i have moved my PC to a new case with a new motherboard (ASUS H110M-K). When I first turned it on I started to download my internet and graphics drivers but suddenly it...
  4. N

    Unable to detect bootable device

    I was just playing games in my PC, particularly Destiny 2, and suddenly the screen went black but live audio is still on and mouse cursor is still moving. I hard reset my PC since it's not budging even though I already pressed ctrl alt del / ctrl shift esc. After rebooting, my PC won't detect my...
  5. cflauge

    Automatic Repair stuck on black screen with cursor

    I attempted to use my Dell laptop this morning and when I booted it up, it went directly into Automatic repair mode, but got stuck on a black screen without anything happening. After a couple seconds, a cursor appears that you can move around, but still nothing else but a black screen. I have...
  6. M

    Windows 10 Startup Black Screen

    Hello! I hope I can get some help with this issue! Yesterday my PC couldn't load Windows 10 startup it seems, it's just a black screen, I tried restarting but it's the same, although sometimes it appears the Windows logo and a message "Preparing automatic repair" but then it's a black screen...
  7. K

    Black screen

    I want to restore my laptop to factory settings but I can’t because the software won’t work in safe mode, any time I start in normal mode the screen is black
  8. C

    Black screen w/cursor

    Just bought this computer. Brought it home and started it up. I got a defaultuser0 sign in and did not know the password. I did some trouble shooting and it took me to sign in as an administrator. It took about 10 mins of loading when I decided to restart the computer. I got an administrative...
  9. R

    Windows 10 Not Booting

    Ok, so I have an Alienware 15R gaming laptop that I offered to sell. After someone came to an agreed price to told them it would be ready after I factory reset it so none of my information was on it. After I did that it turned itself off. After I turned it back on the alienware logo appears for...
  10. Luv4family10

    Black screen with only mouse cursor showing

    So i manged to push cltr+shift+esc and task manager came up now what do i do? I looked in the processes tab and the services tab for runonce or oncerun.32 something like that and i dont see that anywhere.i dont know what to do now .
  11. A

    Black screen of death/no login/ freezes after

    Basic info: Asus laptop, core i7, 860m, windows 10. So went to login yesterday, booted up and got eternal loading screen.After a bit of waiting, did a hard restart and brought up the black screen of death (before login) two more hard resets same gig. So went into automatic repair which brought...
  12. Dbarth2

    Windows 10 boot up

    I am trying to boot up my computer and reach a black screen with a loading cursor on it. It will not load any further I have tried to system restore and it says it cannot restore to point and try a new restore point. I have tried to create a backup file in the command prompt portion of...
  13. M

    Solved Black Screen When I Boot Up My PC

    Hello, my PC runs on Windows 10 as you can tell by which forum I posted this in, and when I boot up my PC, a black screen and cursor appear and I am unable to do anything. I have had Windows 10 installed ever since it was available and this has never happened before. I watched dozens of videos...
  14. B

    Black screen with cursor after log in

    Just recenetly upgraded my graphics from nvidia 750ti to a 1080 and so far I've only been having problems with it, my fps has been incredibly low on most games like overwatch rust borderlands. I've experienced stuttering sounds and very slow performance when updating a game. I have a power...
  15. S

    New Black Screen Malware

    Hey guys, A couple of days ago now I was on my desktop when suddenly all of the screen went black and the only thing I could see was my cursor after making the "windows noise" for opening up a programme I think. I turned of my computer immediately to see weather it would resolve the problem...
  16. H

    Need help win 10 boot around time of creators update

    Please help someone i recently brought a new gaming pc with an i7 6700 and a gtx 1070 it has been a wonder to game and edit on but last night I shut it down (software didn't use power button) and it turned off then turned back on and the fans spun and the lights were on But nothing was on the...