black screen with no cursor

  1. PCnewbie20

    Win10 laptop no longer starting after sudden reset

    Laptop shows no display after sudden reset, power/ charger lights and fan working and no signs of startup, fan starts loud then goes quiet. Battery started presenting issues (601) and ran out of energy after minutes if no plugged in, back when it worked it shut down twice then the third time it...
  2. G

    Random black screen without cursor

    My clean installed Win 10 desktop has been running flawlessly for 2 years but has now developed a random black screen without cursor issue. Once it black screens I cannot wake it up by any of the usual means & have to kill it (press & hold start button), then restart. I've disabled quick boot...
  3. C

    No picture on Monitor after power outage

    Hello, Last night I lost power on my computer while it was in use. Now I get no picture on my monitor after restarting my computer and it's not even a blue screen is just a black screen and the bottom power button is flashing blue. The monitor is an HP2009M and the computer is an Acer predator...