black screen with power

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    Installed new ram laptop black screen

    When i installed new 8GB G.Skill ram and turned laptop on i get black screen, but power and fan is working, but no display. I tried removing BIOS battery and I updated BIOS to newest version but I still get black screen. When i installed my old 4bg ram everything works fine. Please help or give...
  2. K

    Disabled igpu, screen is black even after cmos reset

    Just today i disabled my integrated gpu by accident in my bois settings. Tried everything, cable connections, taking out hard drives, reset cmos, nothing works. Screen still black. Please help, i need my pc for something really important tomorrow and dont have time to go to a repair shop
  3. B

    Toshiba satellite laptop black screen right when turned on

    Black screen no logo appears indicating windows 10 or toshiba. The power button stays lighted up and shows orange signal that the pc is all working. So I think it's the monitor please help
  4. U

    While using Google Chrome or downloading screen goes black

    Hi ! I am really not sure what my laptops problem is. I cannot pin point what caused it. But I noticed that whenever I am using Google Chrome and downloading a game my screen turns black and unresponsive but still turned on after a few minutes . Even before and after the most recent update it...
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    Odd Power Issue on Desktop - Need Assistance Diagnosing

    About 3 weeks ago, my computer randomly began showing concerning signs that something was failing. Anytime between 15 minutes and 10 hours of my computer being on and in use, it will give me a black screen and not complete a restart. The power is never lost as my motherboard lights and fans stay...
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    New Hp Stream Notebook 13 Pc no backlight or startup screen

    My neighbor gave me his new Hp Stream Notebook 13 PC, saying that it won't work and he believes a fuse has blown. Apparently when he initially tried plugging it in right out of the box, he did something and wrong with the outlet and ended up blowing a fuse. Now the screen just is black and shows...