1. B

    My monitor suddenly turns black in CSGO

    Hello, Sometimes my monitor turns fully black but it's still on, & the fans starts making much louder sounds than before but i can still hear the ingame sounds. It only happens in CSGO, not in for example VALORANT, CoD etc. We were leading 10-6 & suddenly it happened. Here earlier i changed my...
  2. Matubert

    Monitors turn off

    So first I have duel monitors. It has happened randomly but as i am playing a game my monitors will randomly turn off yet i can still hear sounds for little bit longer before that goes but the pc stays running till i manually shut it down from the pc itself. My specs OS Version: Microsoft...
  3. E

    videos in b/w

    My livestream and news videos are in a nearly black & white, I can barely see some yellow and blue. Occasionally, when I begin the video, it will be in full color, but cut out after a half second. Youtube videos are fine and always in full color. Is it the format of the video? Is it a software...
  4. C

    Monitor went Black while watching a movie ...

    Hi guys, i have a fairly new pc, about 4 months old, and today i was watching a movie when suddenly the screen went black. i could hear everything in the background but the display was gone, when i try to restart, nothing happens, it stays always black, i've checked the monitor on the old pc and...
  5. A

    Monitor going black issue

    has anyone ever heard of a monitor issue where it turns black if I use it? Like if I leave my second monitor there it's fine, the second I drag chrome/spotify/whatever over on it, it shuts off if I swap my 2nd monitor to be main monitor in settings everything is fine
  6. L

    Video Failure

    Hi, I was working on my computer when an error occurred. My screen suddenly went black, and I heard my fan rev up. The screen blinked back and forth several times, until it had some weird checkered freeze of what I was doing. This went on several times until I restarted the computer. It worked...
  7. I

    Solved Black Screen with Cmd Prompt after boot up (win 10)

    Hello, my problem is that after booting my computer (win 10 64bit) I normally log into my account but then instead of my normal screen with icon appears a black screen on both monitors with cmd window running. I can get into task manager through ctrl-alt-del then run explorer and use my computer...
  8. A

    Display bug on Redmi Note 5

    Hi, When I restart my Redmi Note 5, there are black pixelated rounded borders on the four corners of the screen, and also two small thin lines on the top and bottom of the screen. I faced this issue first a day back, when I rebooted my phone. Then I did a factory reset and after that...
  9. J

    Missing graphics PLEASE HELP ASAP

    Can somebody help me solving this.This happens on every single one of my games it has this things like missing graphics on somethingCan someone please help me? Im running on windows 8 and this happend when i reformat my pc..(sorry for my english)
  10. P

    Screen turning black for a second when playing games.

    Basically whenever I'm playing games that are either intense or fps uncapped my screen turns black for a second or two and then goes to normal again. This can happen once every few minutes or every few seconds while playing. This problem does not exist while browsing etc. GPU: XFX RX 580 8G...
  11. Sharkkangaroo

    Main Monitor Froze, PC displays black screen after BIOS, sam

    Hi there, I currently use the MSI B350 motherboard in my computer and had an issue with my PC. I was playing a game when it froze so I assumed that it had crashed. I tried to alt tab and got the icon menu to switch windows but then that froze too. I was able to use the windows on my second...
  12. Dillon9

    No Display Lenovo Thinkpad

    Hey everyone, I recently ran into the issue that the backlight on my Lenovo Thinkpad W520 for the display wont light up ( i took the LCD and shined a flashlight behind it to ensure that it was being digitized which it was). It worked fine one day until I turned on the laptop and the screen was...
  13. R

    "Lines" on monitor and sometimes black screen

    Hallo, 2 days ago it started. I started to have "lines" on monitor like I don't know why and sometimes goign to be black screen. I bought new HDMI cabel and it is still doing. Can you help me? Thanks
  14. E

    Solved Monitor(no signal). Really need help, tried everything

    Hi and thanks for any info you throw my way in advance Built a new computer. Downloaded windows 10 and updates. Downloaded all the motherboard and graphics card drivers from disk. The next day, played a game on steam for the day and shutdown for sleep. Turned it on and done the same thing...
  15. A

    Black Screen Of Death

    I have an ASUS Q301L and the issue is, every time I turn it on the computer is running but the screen is black, I know the problem is not the video card, it's not water damage, it's not a screen problem because I tried connecting an HDMI to a monitor, I even tried disconnecting the battery and...
  16. C

    Blank black screen after changed the date and time! help

    My laptop's date and time will reset everytime i shut down and turn on, (not restart) (reset to 2012) I access inetrnet without the right date and time, so everytime i turn on my laptop, i must set the date to right time to go online. It's annoying, then i tried methods on internet but all...
  17. G

    Screen Goes black after a few minutes.

    Lately I have been having some frustrating issues with my laptop. I am running windows 10, and almost every time I leave my computer for a couple minutes (to go to the bathroom or something) after it is already turned on, I will come back to find that the screen is completely black, with only my...
  18. J

    New graphics card in Mac, Monitor has no Signal

    Mac pro early 2009 2 x 2.26Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon Memory 8Gb 1066 MHz DDR3 Current graphics nvidia 120 GT I want to put a nvidia gt610 in, monitor remains black but fan on it works?? OS X El Capitan 10.11.5
  19. H

    Flickering Black Horizontal Lines Across Screen?

    So recently my computer has been experiencing some issues. Black horizontal lines have been showing up all over the screen. At first they were intermittent but now they seems to be happening more often and it's getting worse. Could this be an issue with the graphics card or the graphics driver...
  20. D

    HP Laptop screen black but works with external monitor

    I have tried so many things to fix this but nothing works. I can't contact HP, because I have no money and my warranty is up. Every time I turn on my laptop I hear the noise and see the lights on but the screen is pitch black. I tried shining a flashlight to the screen to check if I see the...