1. L

    Solved Text in RTF file turns into blank spaces after blue screen

    I was working in Scrivener ( when my PC blue screened and rebooted. When I reopened the project, the text in the document I'd been editing had turned into 17 pages of what appear to be blank characters. (It's not just white text, I checked.) I navigated to the RTF file for that document...
  2. Dillon9

    No Display Lenovo Thinkpad

    Hey everyone, I recently ran into the issue that the backlight on my Lenovo Thinkpad W520 for the display wont light up ( i took the LCD and shined a flashlight behind it to ensure that it was being digitized which it was). It worked fine one day until I turned on the laptop and the screen was...
  3. C

    Blank black screen after changed the date and time! help

    My laptop's date and time will reset everytime i shut down and turn on, (not restart) (reset to 2012) I access inetrnet without the right date and time, so everytime i turn on my laptop, i must set the date to right time to go online. It's annoying, then i tried methods on internet but all...
  4. R

    Solved Internet Explorer blank and inactive

    When I run Internet Explorer it has a blank page and will not go to a web address. The menu is not visible and all entries on the tools icon are blanked out except "File", "Safety", "Compatibility View settings" and "Report website problems". Typing "inetcpl.cpl" in the Run box, Advanced, Reset...
  5. Z

    No signal with Integrated graphics after taking out GPU

    I recently sold my NVIDIA GTX780 3GB DDR5 graphics card, and I thought I will simply use my rig with the onboard VGA. However, the monitor receives no signal, so I am looking at a blank screen. The PC powers on, and all the fans are moving (I don't have speaker in the chassis, so no beeps)...
  6. Brokeniguana

    Monitor linked to laptop keeps going blank

    I have an older Dell ST2420L monitor linked to a newer Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 via a VGA cable (I don't think the screen supports HDMI) using the option to transfer the screen output to the monitor for an easier-to-see output. However the monitor keeps going blank with varying frequency...