1. G

    LED indicator keeps blinking and system does not start

    LED indicators on the side with power symbol(refer image) keeps on blinking and the system does not start when started from sleep mode. What's the reason and what that LED blinking means? Laptop model: HP 15-ac047TU Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft...
  2. S

    Samsung Laptop Not Working

    Hey Tech Community! About a year ago, my Samsung Series 7 Chronos Laptop (specs below) suddenly died. My first thought was that it was overheating... as the laptop has a problem with overheating for everyone! However, when I came back after 5 minutes to start it up again it failed to even light...
  3. Singaling

    New My Friend's Baffling PC ISsue. Could It Be Malware?

    Hi, everyone. I am new here. I hope everyone is having an awesome day! I have an issue that is actually my friend online's issue. Her name is Sharky! We all call her than because she always appears and disappears out of nowhere on the Disqus forum all the time, lol. But we do talk all the time...
  4. G

    Poor network performance; WiFi adapters blinking

    I have always been connected to WiFi through two network adapters in the back of my PC. They are quite small, and have two LED lights next to them that have not lit up ever since installation. Recently, however, one light is blinking orange and the other is blinking green. I have a feeling that...
  5. J

    Pavillion dv5-1002 won't boot up.

    Blinking num lock and caps lock ONCE. I know that means a problem internally but is there anything I can try to repair this?
  6. A

    Blinking Cursor Fixed and Centered at Screen Top

    The cursor centers at the top of the monitor, blinking at about 2hz. When doing so it's difficult, but not impossible, to click anywhere else on the screen as the cursor always returns to the top position. It's possible occasionally to make it revert to normal behavior by running some (almost...
  7. B

    Screen Blinking Black

    My screen starts blinking black and i cant click anything just on my desktop. I tried fixing this through task manager and then control panel. I think it is because of the "peek" feature im using. Ive tried to access it on control panel but it wont let me click it and i cant right click on the...
  8. M

    Battery light flashing: HP Probook 450 G2

    Hi, My laptop shut down while I was using it and the caps lock and number lock key were flashing 2 times. After a while it stopped and my battery light started flashing constantly. My battery light is flashing when the adapter is plugged in or if the battery is in. The power key and the caps...
  9. LeviK

    Black screen with blinking underscore, unbootable.

    This happened in mid-January this year, so I'm going fully based on faded memories and the notes I took down when it happened. What I know: BSOD occurred whilst playing a game on Steam, I didn't catch the error-code, as it immediately shut down. Blinking underscore upon next boot Only F12...
  10. A

    Western Digital external hard drive not working and flashing

    Hi, My Western Digital external hard drive just stopped working. There was no fall or energy issues as far as I know. It was perfect until yesterday, but today it keeps flashing a white light in front of it very quickly (each 1 or 2 seconds). Every blinking is accompanied by an intern spinning...