1. T

    My computer wont turn on

    Hello. So my computer crashed last Night and Got a blue screen (i dont remember what it Said) but now i cant turen it on. There is still power going through because i Can see small led light up inside the computer when i plug it in but it wont turen on. I tried reseting the cmos but that didnt...
  2. B

    Blue yeti mic heavily distorted

    I just got a blue yeti (blackout edition). In every software I use, the mic sounds extremely distorted to the point I can't even understand it. I've been looking for a solution for hours but nothing has worked.
  3. P

    Computer starting to freeze up/blue screen/screens flashing

    So for the past 2 weeks or so I have started having problems with my pc, I had not had these problems before and only started recently. Mostly during gaming my screens will either freeze or turn black. Sometimes graphical errors will show on the screens such as multicolored squares on both...
  4. LeviK

    Solved Blue screen instead of screensaver

    Hello, LeviK here; I had this issue with my older computer set up (Acer Aspire M5620 + BenQ G2400W) and I am now having it again with a combination of Asus ROG G20 + BenQ G2400W (desktop + monitor). At first I figured it might be something with the PC itself, but after swapping I noticed the...
  5. V

    Broken OS/ unknown hardware component (video chrashes, etc)

    First of all, im pretty tech savy and usualy fix all mine and friends computer problems (combo of experience and google used to be enough for everything). This has me out of my depth at the moment tho: When playing a video from HDD (doesnt matter what player, tried BS, VLC) the sound...
  6. Z

    Needs some advanced help!

    Hello, I'm new to this forum btw. So first of all, I've buit a modest Gaming PC for one of my friends. It was a lot of fun building this PC for a friend, And it all looked neat when everything was assembled. Thee are the specs: -------------------------------------------------- - ASRock 970...