bluetooth driver

  1. R

    Bluetooth/ PC Pairing but Device not

    Hey, so i've been troubleshooting and trying to fix this for more than 1 hour now. I use the "Teufel Real Blue NC" headphones. Yesterday everything worked but when i started my pc today they did not connect. I tried to remove the device and connect it again. It gets paired rather quick but then...

    Bluetooth not working

    Hi, I'm having some issues with my PC. I recently purchased a Bluetooth gamepad, but I am struggling to get it to input on my PC. The gamepad and the PC are connected, and the PC even recognised the gamepad as a game controller. However, I can't get my PC to register it when I press a button...
  3. PolishSniper

    I have a weird issue with my bluetooth on my new zenbook 14

    The first 2 weeks i had no issue with the zenbook but suddenly after an update my bluetooth went completely away. It still shows up in the device manager as a hidden device but the system and troubleshooter wont recognize it. I tried a lot mainly searching for driver updates, restarting the...
  4. H

    Can't connect my bluetooth headphones with samsung laptop

    I can't pair my bluetooth headphones with samsung notebook with windows 7
  5. J

    Bluetooth not connecting - advanced

    Hey all, I have a Windows 7 32bit Enterprise. I bought a bluetooth speaker Anker SoundCore this week, but it won´t connect. I installed the drivers needed, but when I click on "estblish connection", nothing would happen. I tried reinstalling the drivers, my speaker as well as the computer...