Bluetooth not working

    Hi, I'm having some issues with my PC. I recently purchased a Bluetooth gamepad, but I am struggling to get it to input on my PC. The gamepad and the PC are connected, and the PC even recognised the gamepad as a game controller. However, I can't get my PC to register it when I press a button...
  2. S

    Bluetooth record player won’t spin

    I have an ITUT 420 Bluetooth record player (photo below) that won’t spin no matter what I do. It’s driving me up the wall not knowing what’s wrong with it. I’ve tried unscrewing it and looking at the belt and everything seems fine. What am I doing wrong?
  3. A

    Mobile control from laptop via bluetooth

    Hi, my screen on phone is broken and usb debugging is turned off so i can t get in or control it, but i forgot turn off bluetooth and now mobile is still paired and connected to laptop via bluetooth. Is there any app for it ? Because i can t find any
  4. J

    Bluetooth Earbuds Not Pairing To Each Other

    Hey! I have a pair of Ceppekyy S2 true wireless earbuds that have worked great for like 7 months. Until recently. The left earbud simply won't connect to the right anymore. Normally, the right side is the "dominant" side. It is the side that plays in mono mode, and the phone connects to that...
  5. PolishSniper

    I have a weird issue with my bluetooth on my new zenbook 14

    The first 2 weeks i had no issue with the zenbook but suddenly after an update my bluetooth went completely away. It still shows up in the device manager as a hidden device but the system and troubleshooter wont recognize it. I tried a lot mainly searching for driver updates, restarting the...
  6. Kaiverta

    Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

    Hi! I've had my keyboard for about five years. I didn't use it for a couple months while I moved house. When I switched it back on, I found that the A and S keys are not working at all, on ANY of my devices (PS4 and two different Android phones). Everything else works fine. I've tried holding...
  7. C

    Bluetooth cannot ad device

    [Win 7, HP 450 Probook] Devices linked previously via Bluetooth (BT) but not connected now, out of the blue. Tried ‘ad device’ a few times, no reaction. After a day of searches I’m lost. BT icon showing on Win 7 PC but cannot add discoverable BT mobile or JBL speaker. Ran troubleshoots /...
  8. D

    Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    So Everytime I turn on bluetooth, I see two devices pop up with the same name which are two different sides of my headphones. IDK why it doesn't pop up as one and I watch a bunch of YouTube tutorials that couldn't help me. If u know a fix, please let me know below!
  9. S

    Solved Bluetooth pairing with Wii Remote

    Hey! I have been MIDI mapping (music thing) a Wii Remote through software called OSCulator (then in to Ableton), which has all been working fine until I upgraded to MacOs Catalina. Bluetooth no longer automatically pairs devices, but requires a code and obviously I cant enter a code on my Wii...
  10. C

    Help with Bluetooth Printing from HP Envy 7858

    My daughter started college and they do not permit their personal printers in student rooms to be connected to school wi-fi. I thought she might be able to print via Bluetooth as a work-around. Purchased the HP Envy 7858 printer. Used with the HP Smart app it works ok....sometimes. Her and her...
  11. S

    Bluetooth for Speakers

    I wanted to make my speakers wireless, so i wanted a bluetooth module which would connect to single device. Is there any module which wouldn't require an auridino ? thanks for help .
  12. Plymouthbiker

    Bluetooth and Drevo Calibur connection May 2019

    Hi everyone. I'm having a major issue connecting my Drevo Calibur keyboard via bluetooth. It has been working for over a year, then suddenly I cannot connect it any more. I have an Asus Z270l motherboard i5 7600k 16gb ram Bluetooth mouse (working) Windows 10 pro 64bit It appears to connect...
  13. D

    Usb bluetooth without a Network Board

    Hey guys! I just bought this pc 4 months ago and I realised i haven't bought a Network board. I want to connect my bluetooth headphones and I saw this usb bluetooth . If I buy one and connect it to my pc (pc without a network board) will it work? P.S I haven't got bluetooth on my pc
  14. M

    Is there Bluetooth on laptop

    Hello! I do not have a smartphone at the moment, I only have a laptop. I am wondering whether there is Bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop? I bought some audio speakers recently as I want to play Spotify from my laptop on these speakers. Sorry if this is a stupid question! Looking forward to your...
  15. T

    Solved Xbox one Controller wont connect to phone

    I am trying to connect my white xbox one controller to my phone but whenever i try to connect it through bluetooth it say wrong password, i tried resetting my network setting and that didnt work either, my android version is 6.01 and my phone version is a vs500?
  16. J

    Remote for sound bar

    Hi everyone, I recently bought cheap soundbar on Amazon. I connected it via audio connectors to my older plasma tv. The instructions told me It can play Bluetooth and play music from my phone. I’m only using it for my television but unfortunately it did not come with a remote for volume...
  17. crcook84

    Bluetooth adapter for gaming headphones

    I've seen a number of Bluetooth adapters that will allow wired headphones to become wireless. However, I'm trying to find an adapter that will allow for headphones with an attached microphone to be connected. Not one with an integrated microphone. Now, whether that's an adapter with two jacks or...
  18. M

    iLive home stereo system model IHB624B

    The bluetooth connection stopped working on it. I have tried resetting the system by unplugging it and holding the power button for 30 seconds. It still didn't work. When I changed the source to bluetooth the symbol will show then disappear right away. Is this fixable?
  19. M

    bluetooth device compatibility

    Hi, can't seem to find this information anywhere, can previous version Bluetooth devices work with modern versions of Bluetooth? Say, can a V4.1 enabled pair of headphones work with a V5.0 transmitter?
  20. T

    Logitec MX Master s2 bluetooth receiver unlock?

    Hello I recently bought the MX master s2 Bluetooth mouse after reading tons of positive reviews about it, it was a disaster, a complete waste of money, the mouse is massive in size, bulky, and heavy. it feels like im holding a rock in my hand :( anyways, i dont want to use it anymore but i want...