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    Firefox 67.0.2 x64 for Win 10; Need more lines of bookmarks

    So I've been a user of Firefox for quite some time but never had this problem before; The Bookmarks toolbar keeps my website links where I want them, and they function just fine. But I have enough such links that I have to shovel some of them off in the "overflow" section to the right of my...
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    Bookmarks Bar Extension Advice

    Hi I have Windows 7 Professional & I'm using Vivaldi as my main browser, but after reading about it in Webuser magazine I've downloaded Avast Secure Browser and I'm trying to get going with it, just to see if it's any faster than Vivaldi, which, on my machine at least, can slow to a crawl and...
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    Chrome layout and bookmarks bar look different

    Good day, I use Chrome and once or twice every month it looks sharper, the bookmarks on the bar are highlighted oval blue every time I run the cursor on them and the various web pages appear sharper and with a much better layout and appearance. Then I shut down my pc and the next time I turn it...