1. P

    Wi-Fi extenders? Boosters? What do I need?

    Next to my router I can get around 16 Mbps, but by me computer which is almost directly one floor above my router I can only get around 10 Mbps. I stream on Twitch and I need speeds more reliable but I cant figure out what I should be doing. Ive looked into range extenders/repeaters but from...
  2. I

    Connecting Ethernet only computer to internet with a modem

    Hey, I've looked everywhere.. But all the content is really old and is only valid for older systems.. To save myself buying a wireless PCI-E card I want to use an old modem to connect my desktop which has Ethernet only capability to the internet. Hopefully by connecting the computer to the...
  3. I

    WiFi from a cat 5 port?

    I have a new house and my cable and internet has been turned on to wall coaxial jacks in every room a I believe also CAT5 jacks in every room. Unfortunately the CAT5 jacks arent located where anybody with any sense would ever put a computer desk or entertainment center. I have a good working...
  4. P

    Double Router (Boost)

    Hello. So I've gone through a series of routers/modems thinking the connection problem I was having was because they were too weak. Well I realized that and Ethernet cable would be the best but I can't run a 100 foot cable through my house. It would look ugly and I think the dogs would chew it...
  5. crcook84

    Air Booster with PC fans

    Anyone ever thought about making an air booster by attaching two PC fans to a register? I’ve been looking around the web for air boosters because the ventilation system in our house is screwed up. We got one bedroom cold enough to be a refrigerator while the other bedrooms in the house barely...
  6. C

    Used Driver Booster, now my internet is slow

    I'm realizing how big of a mistake it was to use Driver Booster. Speedtest shows my download speed as 17 Mbps, which is close to what I'm paying for, but when I actually download anything, the speed is around 62 Kbps. Everything else works fine, pages load and games run as usual. Only the...