1. Rayquaza123

    Installation disk not able to boot after formatting C drive

    I just got my computer repaired and got a new motherboard. I just made a bootable Windows 10 USB with MBR Partition Scheme and I booted into the USB. I reached the installation setup and formatted the C drive. I saw a message saying my Hard Drive is in GPT partition Scheme. I exited out from the...

    Surface Pro 2017 won't boot past surface logo

    I cannot get my surface to boot past the surface screen, it won't even boot into recovery so I can't boot it to an external drive. I have no clue what to do. It's a Microsoft Surface (2017) - 5th Generation Intel core i5, 256GB, 8GB RAM device.
  3. N

    Chromium to Windows 10 mess up

    My friend had attempted to boot the Windows 10 OS on a Chromebook but had recently moved away and didn’t finish. Apparently I need a bootable USB to connect to it in order to put Windows on there? All i want at this point is to go back to the Chrome OS. Any tips?
  4. B

    Computer takes no input and gives no output.

    So I was in a game and was in the main menu when i noticed the screen would flicker randomly when i moved my mouse, and would periodically go dark followed by a sudden complete black screen. At that point the computer could still give some audio off, no video, and didn't take any commands from...
  5. guen

    New RAM wont boot into Windows

    Hi veryone, hope you're doing fine, I just bought a new ram - fury hyperx 1x8gb ( https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX318C10F_8.pdf ) - and it won't boot into windows, giving blue screen and a bunch of error messages like memory_management, bad_pool_reader, acpi_bios_error each time i try to...