boot device

  1. Doyafnkickbacks

    Can’t boot Windows 10 from new m.2 nvme drive

    I am trying to install Windows 10 from a USB onto a new M.2 nvme that I’ve bought. I get all the way though the steps where Windows 10 installs itself to the new drive from the USB, but the when I try boot up the computer without the USB drive it says “reboot and select proper boot device”. If I...
  2. D

    POST/BIOS problem after failed system reinstall from USB

    Greetings, recently I attempted to reinstall my windows 8.1 with a bootable USB. I wanted to replace my windows 8.1 system on my notebook with a Linux system and use this windows 8.1 on a PC. I made a system backup on USB (a backup of the windows 8.1). With the USB being done.(It wasn't an ISO...
  3. T

    Bios does not recognise boot device

    Summary of problem: When I try to boot my PC 9/10 times it says "“Current BIOS settings do not fully support the boot device” and I have to turn it off and try turning it back on again. Initially it was maybe 1/3 times I tried to boot but it got increasingly rare that it boots properly. Now in...
  4. Y

    New Default Boot Device missing or failed. How to fix

    Purchased a new Lenovo idea pad a year ago. Used for a month before it stopped working and a message that pops up saying "boot drive missing or failed". Wondering if this is an easy fix and what caused the problem as I was only using the computer for surfing and video streaming.
  5. M

    Acer Aspire 3 Not Powering on

    Hi I have a Acer aspire 3 the problem is that its power button is not working but when I keep pressing space bar it turns on and when I release it shuts down
  6. D

    New PC wont boot windows 10 usb

    So I recently built a PC for the first time and after I went into bios to make sure that the USB is the priority boot device, I attempted to boot the PC. It gave me the black screen and told me to enter the boot device and restart, as if there wasn't anything to boot from. Not sure if I'm...
  7. P

    Reboot and Select proper Boot Device

    My config is - Win 10 64 Bit i3 4 GB RAM 1 TB HDD Im getting this error on startup " Reboot and Select proper Boot Device". Idk what to do. I want to get to the advanced startup menu but I cant get there. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. T

    Windows will not boot

    Hi So everytime i turn on my pc it automatically goes into bios and will not boot up Windows, so i cant really do anything. I have a MSI motherboard and i have a SSD with my Windows on it and a HDD with games and stuff
  9. L

    Boot drive no longer detected in bios

    Got a blue screen and now my computer no longer recognises my boot drive which is a m.2 nvme 970 evo and had w10. The drive was also renamed to boot(X:) but then changes back to c when i manage to get to my desktop. The only drive that shows up is my hard drive. On rare occasions the computer...
  10. V

    Completely black screen after error

    Hi. I'm on an Asus notebookl X550Z laptop running windows 10 and it will no longer boot. Some facts to mention before: it has no battery, it runs off the charger, and its recently had a hard drive replacement. Brand new harddrive, replaced by my friends father. It's been working just fine for a...
  11. M

    Slow boot Operating system not found

    Whenever i start up my windows 10 computer originally 8.1 its very slow and then it says Boot Device Not Found i have a copy of windows 10 on my usb and cant get it to load windows 10 I really need this fixed soon so if you could help that would be appreicated
  12. P

    Aspire Switch 10 E Deleted EFI NO BOOTABLE MEDIA

    my Aspire Switch 10 E had a password issue and I tried to USE a USB WIN 10 to do a clean install. It said there was not enough space and I deleted the first partition. The deleted partition had boot info and efi Now I cannot get anywhere to find the right bootable media to use in a USB and...
  13. S

    Gateway computer bios menu

    Pewter was left in the room with my children and when I returned and turned on my computer it informed me that I needed to select the reboot device " reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected device and press a key " so I opened the bios menu and I'm not sure what to...
  14. Minerva123

    No bootable device found?

    Ok so the problem I'm having is that when I turn my laptop on it won't boot up from the hard drive that already has windows 8.1. Failed to load media and not bootable device found. I checked my bios and shows my hard drive thats conected. I can hear my hard drive spinning. Its also a Toshiba...
  15. Minerva123

    Hard drive not detected??

    When I boot up my laptop it says that it couldn't find the hard drive or the checking media [failed]. I tried looking into my laptop to see if the hard drive was connected right and it is. When I turn on the laptop it makes this clicking sound which leads me to believe the fan is not working...
  16. D

    Hard Disk Error, Boot Device Not Found, AND lack of OS

    So my problem is that now when I first start up my laptop, it starts up saying exactly: "Hard Disk Error Please run the Hard Disk Test in System Diagnostics. Hard Disk 1 (3F1) F2 System Diagnostics For more information, please visit:" I press F2 and...
  17. Z

    Pc won't boot from dvd reader

    Hey guys, so I need ur help ASAP as I just built a pc and got it in full working order I got in to the bios and everything seems to be working and my HDMI cable is connected to my graphics card and I can see stuff in screan which means it's working too only problem though is that my pc wont...
  18. N

    Can't set ssd as default boot drive

    I just moved my PC to a new case, and when I tried to boot up, my mobo's (Asus saber tooth x79) boot_device_led went red. I went into bios to find out that my HDD was the default boot drive and when I tried to change it to my ssd, it wasn't showing up. I went into advanced mode and went to boot...
  19. F

    No Boot Device Found- 3F0 Hard Disk

    My laptop is only 4 months old. Tried to Return to Factory Settings. It failed and went ton black Screen with the No Boot Device Found Error.. please help me :(
  20. M

    Stuck on "Choose An Option" (Test Memory,Test System,Exit)

    Upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) after ignoring the constant encouragement to upgrade for quite sometime. It was fine for quite some time (weeks/months). Yesterday, after a restart, the blue tiled screen with the "Choose An Option" menu came up. You can "Test Memory", "Test System" or...