boot issue

  1. Sumnerbrook

    Persistent Boot Problems

    Hi, Thanks for reading! My PC is a 3 year old build from PCSpecialist. For the last two years I've had frequent boot problems, with my PC sometimes taking dozens of attempts to boot. The internal fans will start, but then power down before the PC beeps. These problems have got progressively...
  2. T

    PC crashed & now I'm having a boot issue

    Hello, I've had an issue for awhile where my games would minimize or crash by themselves; Recently I went to play a game then noticed green & purple dots appear on the screen followed by the game freezing. I reboot the computer & was supprised to find no OS found so I figure that the M.2 drive...
  3. K

    Acer Aspire Timeline X Black Screen Windows7

    So probably back in 2016, my dad was trying to install Norton on my Mum's Acer Aspire Timeline X laptop (running Windows 7), and the Norton was on a disk, but I realised he was installing it on the wrong account so I went to log out and go to the right account when something happened- I don't...
  4. L

    Solved Windows 10 Stuck At Boot, No Spinning Dots

    Hi! I can't get the exact specs of my PC because, well, it won't turn on, but it's an Alienware 17 r3 for basis. It's been stuck at boot for around 30 minutes now with no spinning dots or anything, and I don't really know what to do? I haven't found any similar issues on google, it's just been...