boot loop

  1. K

    Unable to Reset PC (partition nightmare)

    Hi, I have an Asus N series laptop with windows 8.1 installed that I bought in 2013. A while back I partitioned the drive for gaming but believe I corrupted some files that are essential to windows. So my plan was to factory reset back to original image. After backing up my files, I started the...
  2. Y

    Infinite boot loop

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software problem but my computer can't get past the motherboard boot up screen (the one before bios). The windows loading circle comes up and sometimes, after a few restarts, the windows automatic repair try's to prepare however never loads. I've tried...
  3. B

    Boot loop/ display problems

    Hello. I had a boot loop problem and got the tip to take out the small battery and put it back in. So right now I have no problem with boot loop but it won't show anything on my monitor. I did this once before and after taking stuff out and putting it back in, it worked for 5 minutes then...
  4. D

    Solved Restart loop on Windows 10 installation in HP laptop

    Hello, I reset my laptop by using Startup Repair before booting into Windows. I removed all the files and tried to install Windows 10 again but it stuck in continuous OFF and ON, and Windows logo with loading circle. And now I can't even go to Troubleshoot or load previous Windows 10. So What...
  5. M

    Windows fails to boot. Can't even boot to safe mode

    Windows fails to boot. Can't even boot to safe mode. Help! Comodo Internet Security couldn't start properly one day. I uninstalled and restarted. Then reinstalled but failed. It asked me to restart. I was no longer able to boot into Windows after that. When Windows started, it went directly...
  6. A

    [ASUS X751S] Aptio Setup Utility boot loop

    Hello, was long time member unfortunately it seems that my account got wiped? Or im assuming you guys have some cap on non-active accounts. Non the less, im here about my x751s. Today i turned it on and it made 5 rapid sequential beeps and goes straight to the BIO's menu. Ive tried launch csm...
  7. N

    Solved Stuck in Boot Loop

    Hi my pc is about 3 years old now and I have had a few problems with, but nothing to where I couldn't even get to the log in screen. So about a day ago I woke up turned on my pc and it was fine until Bout 4 hours of play it started to freeze every few minutes and then unfreeze and then freeze...
  8. T

    ROM for Archos 55 Diamond Selfie

    I was on my phone messing with root and accidentally deleted the ROM from my Archos 55 Diamond Selfie. The website doesn't have any firmware available for that particular device and don't know what to do as it is stuck in a boot loop. I can still access TWRP however. Any help is much appreciated
  9. Cammyb

    Solved Boot loop after factory reset - Function Keys not working!

    I have an old packard bell laptop that I recently just factory reset because I was recieving it from a friend. It reset fine, no problems, but when it tried to boot up, it got caught in the boot loop that many other win10 users have been experiencing. It takes me through the setup page you go...
  10. M

    Solved BIOS boot loop

    I recently just received my new HDD and I was removing my current drives do to make room for it, but just to make sure I hadn't broken anything I plugged all my old drives back in (same order and everything) and restarted the PC. It went to the BIOS but it won't boot into Windows after I restart...
  11. shupadupa

    Asus Boot Loop

    My Notebook Specs: Windows : Windows 10 Home Single Language Manufacturer : ASUSTek Computer Inc. Model : A455LF/X455LF Processor : Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 - 5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz Installed Memory RAM : 4 GB System Type : 64-bit OS, x64-based processor Problem : My father had given me his laptop...
  12. B

    Need help!!!

    I need help with this issue. For the past 24 hrs my pc has been stuck with the "infinite boot loop". I recently downloaded Samsung sync which is what started this all. I downloaded it on Saturday night and it worked well but when I tried to shutdown my pc it was taking extremely long. After...
  13. B

    Stuck in a boot loop (chkdsk issues)

    Hoping I can get some help from an expert here. The situation has gotten somewhat complex but I'll try to keep as short and concise as possible. Skip to 5. for the most relevant and current problem. 1. Everything started with general hang issues at desktop (Windows 8). Every click requiring a...
  14. C

    Laptop Boots in endless cycle

    Envy m6-1105dx Windows 8.1 I am trying to repair a laptop for my niece. The laptop turns on and shows the hp screen then goes black and then proceeds to restart itself. This process will continue unless I force the laptop to shut off. I tried to reset the cmos battery but that did not...