boot up issue

  1. RedactedHood

    Windows 10 Very Long Loading

    So this happens everyday. Whenever I open my computer, it will be in an infinite black screen loading of windows 10, ill send the picture. So I fixed it by experimenting, and I tried removing one ram, opening my pc, turning it off, put the other ram again, open the pc again, and it will take 10...
  2. J

    One beep and won’t start

    Alright, so I recently bought this refurbished pc, (HP Gaming PC Desktop NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI, Intel Core i5, Windows 10, 8GB RAM, 1TB) anyway, my pc will not boot up correctly. I turn it on and it beeps once and starts but it won’t boot up.
  3. Z

    how to fix loading pbr for descriptor 2...done

    I recently tried to use an old pc and tried to get on it but when i boot it up i get this message "how to fix loading pbr for descriptor 2...done" After the boot proccess
  4. T

    Bad Motherboard? Toshiba Satellite

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C55- A5104. When I try to boot up the laptop, I hear the optical drive making a brief noise, but the computer does not boot up. The power button light, charging light, and power light all come on, but screen remains black and the typical noises of boot up are...
  5. YaBoiEthan

    Asus(Republic of Gamers) Motherboard not loading Windows 10

    I have recently built my computer and have downloaded Windows 10 directly onto a thumb drive. After booting up the Bios, I selected the thumb drive but nothing happens. The only thing that happens is the screen refreshes. i have tried a variety of thumb drives and ports. I have also tried...
  6. N

    Delay in video output during bootup.

    Hi guys, Hoping you can help me I'm not that techy, very much an end user of computers. Anyway up until a couple of weeks ago I'd start my PC, turn on the monitor and there would be the boot screen as you'd expect. Now when I turn it on it says no signal found and only maybe a minute later does...
  7. M

    Solved Black Screen When I Boot Up My PC

    Hello, my PC runs on Windows 10 as you can tell by which forum I posted this in, and when I boot up my PC, a black screen and cursor appear and I am unable to do anything. I have had Windows 10 installed ever since it was available and this has never happened before. I watched dozens of videos...