boot up

  1. C

    Faulty M2 Slot or Faulty M2 SSD?

    Hi, I have here a 256gb kingfast f6 m.2 my windows 10 is installed on it. It always black screens, if not it will suddenly freeze and sometimes, wifi, bluetooth, or sounds won't work and then after a restart it then will black screen. I tried installing the OS in my old hdd enclosure and it...
  2. RedactedHood

    Windows 10 Very Long Loading

    So this happens everyday. Whenever I open my computer, it will be in an infinite black screen loading of windows 10, ill send the picture. So I fixed it by experimenting, and I tried removing one ram, opening my pc, turning it off, put the other ram again, open the pc again, and it will take 10...
  3. Tremolo52

    Looking For.... A Good utility to monitor boot-up

    Hello!' ANYONE know of a decent utility that will allow the monitoring of the boot process, what files are booted and any other applicable info??? Many thanks ahead of time...!
  4. L

    Solved Comp. boots into BIOS when it states, "no media present"

    I just booted up my computer and it wont keeps booting into BIOS when it says, "checking media presence... no media present." Nearly every time I boot up my comp it tends to not connect to my monitor or just freezes with the ASUS logo up without ever booting up, which then forces me to force...
  5. KandiPOP

    Runs In Safe Mode but won't boot up

    My computer refuses to boot in any modes besides safe. When I try to boot it up I get a blue screen that says one of my core files is missing corrupted ect.
  6. I

    Booting Help

    Hi! I own a Toshiba Satelitte L750. Around a year ago, something had happened to my computer to make it go to the screen that asks for a boot disk. Only now did I take the time to order one. I put the disk in, restart my computer, and watched it turn on. The first screen that pops up is the...
  7. G

    HP Pavillion laptop won't boot up - says there is no OS?

    Hi everyone. I've stuck this on this forum because it kinda involves installing issues with Windows (namely the fact that I had Windows and now it's clearly saying I don't have that or any OS) but if it's in the wrong place, let me know where to put this instead. I have a HP Laptop that's been...
  8. L

    My HP Envy won't Boot Up. What to do?

    I purchased the HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k022dx Sleekbook in March of 2014. I had no problems with it until this year. I downloaded a game that would cause my laptop to heat up and if I left my laptop idle for a few minutes (ie. going to the restroom, having a conversation away from the laptop)...
  9. D

    Question about pc and beeps

    Hello, I was playing league of Legends, the game ended and when I clicked "continue", pc suddenly turned off. Power light was blinking like it would do when computer sleeps. I tried power button and etc. but it kept blinking, so I plugged off power and repluged it. When I turned on pc, one of...