1. M

    Windows 10 Boot issue from PC I built

    I built a pc from scratch, and it launches into the BIOS without any issues. I have checked, and all the RAM is properly seated. When I created my windows installation media and selected to boot from that Hard Disk Drive that was formatted to FAT32, it would either load to the Republic of Gamers...
  2. Salltytrout

    Solved Laptop wont turn on. Tried many things

    My laptop is a Acer Predator Triton 500 (pt515-51) I am stumped on a laptop that does nothing on startup. A few weeks ago I shut down my laptop via the start menu. (Normally I would just close the lid) after that my laptop would not start. The battery indicator lights up blue when plugged in...
  3. Auzio

    Pc will boot in 1 tv but not the other

    Ive had a problem since i got my computer a yearish ago. I can turn it on and it will boot up on my living room tv. But when u try to turn it on on my desk tv it doesnt boot at all. Ive been plugging it into my LR tv every time to have it boot up and then plugging into the desk tv and then it...
  4. magickboy

    Problem after computer restarted itself

    hello everyone, today my pc restarted by itself, after restarting it kept saying "" Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"", nothing worked, i made a Rufus bootable windows removable usb Stick, still doesn't work, it says it cannot boot...
  5. G

    ASUS wont boot, black screen

    Hello, I'm using an Asus notebook X550Z laptop running windows 10 and it will no longer boot. the battery is likely toast; it won’t hold a charge and I had to keep it plugged in to operate. I had no issues otherwise until one day I went to boot the laptop and it got stuck on the ASUS screen...
  6. D

    How to move Windows from 2.5" SSD to M.2 SSD?

    Hello everyone! Please consider me as a newbie in this topic! I have a PC, and Windows is installed on my 2.5" SSD. Soon I'm going to install new hardware, such as motherboard, CPU, RAM AND M.2 SSD. And I want my Windows to boot from the M.2 SSD. Can you help me with describing he easiest...
  7. A

    Boot Device Not Found Hard Disk (3F0)

    Hi! I am using a Notebook HP Model 15ay065nr Windows 10. My laptop says: Boot Device Not Found Please install a operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk (3F0)
  8. B

    Closed windows10 during update, unable to boot/fresh install

    My brother closed the laptop during windows 10 updates then it got stuck in a booting loop, managed to get to WinRE but system recovery fails, uninstalling previous version fails, everything fails. Resumed to freshinstalling windows 10 through a bootable USB, but it says Windows can't be...
  9. H

    Error code:0xc0000017 The OS couldnt load system registry fi

    This error pops up when i boot my pc. Its windows 10. Please help. I think i need to install windows again... how?? And if thats not the way then please tell me how can i recover my data from my pc?? The ram is 2gb and some old model of gigabyte motherboard...
  10. G

    format usb

    i cant reformat my usb to a storage device after using it for a boot device. ive tries ao many things
  11. H

    Pc won't boot after CPU upgrade

    I'm upgrading my cpu from a i5 4430 3ghz in a hb1m-a to a i7 4790 and after installing it my pc starts, the LEDs light up all fans start spinning but no peripherals turn on and nothing appears on the monitor, I've updated the bios to the latest version and I believe I have cleared the CMOS...
  12. A

    Problem with booting

    My win 7 started to updating and while i was in school my younger brother turned pc off. And now it just says "Faliure configuring windows updates.Reverting changes" It didn't make any progress all the night. I tried with F8 and system restore but all of my restore points are "damaged or...
  13. J

    new pc does no display

    hi i recently built a new amd pc and after doing all of the bios updates and etc. it turns on but no display on monitor. i have tried the "clear CMOS" and after doing that i was able to get into the bios. but then after, it would still not show a display on my monitor. the pc turns on perfectly...
  14. F

    PC won't turn on, fans do not spin

    I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me fix this problem that is driving me crazy. My PC wont turn on at all. Fans do not spin. I thought that my PSU is the problem and then i bought a new one. I used two Motherboards (i know at least one of them is working).. I tried using other RAM...
  15. Z

    how to fix loading pbr for descriptor 2...done

    I recently tried to use an old pc and tried to get on it but when i boot it up i get this message "how to fix loading pbr for descriptor 2...done" After the boot proccess
  16. phixgrrrl

    Clean Install W10: Bios/Boot Questions

    My questions revolve around Boot order and the SATA 3 connectors (I have 6) Bear with me... I've attached pics of what I mean. 1) Pic MB drive layout--this is where my sata connectors are and how they're numbered. Does which number drives are connected to make a difference? I've put what is...
  17. P

    “Preparing Automatic Repair” - ASUS Motherboard

    Hello, I am currently stuck with the issue that my PC won’t properly start. It either boots, goes into the “Asus - In Search of Incredible” - and does nothing, or it proceeds to show the “Preparing for automatic repair” and does nothing. I reset my UEFI BIOS Settings and that didn’t help. I am...
  18. D

    PC wont boot properly??

    Hey guys, I am having issues with a computer I just built, it doesn't boot properly when first pressing the power button. It turns on, displays a signal on my monitor with the spinning circle dots (which I believe is Windows), and then goes black again, I wait and then my monitor tells me no...
  19. Galleherjazz

    When Booting, All Programs in Start Up Open Fully. Why?

    I have a fair number of programs in startup, for example, Dropbox, Webshots, FeedReader, etc. When my PC is booting, almost all of them (except my virus protection and a few others) open up fully, including a Word document and my browser. I have no idea why this is happening. I have looked for a...
  20. H

    How could i make a multiboot USB flash/HDD with windows 7?

    How could i make a multiboot USB flash/HDD with windows 7,8.1,10 and DLC boot utility that boot on both GPT and MBR Systems?