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    Solved USB drive shutting off my pc

    Hi, I have a Windows 10. I started a new job and was sent a Secure Workspace via USB. Initially, the drive worked once and I was able to see the loaded programs, however, it has not worked since. Now when I boot the using F12 and selecting UEFI , it loads I am able to login on but then the...
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    Product key recovery

    Hello, I have a Dell XPS 8700 desktop I'm working on. after Hard Drive failed, I installed a new one. The computer boots to a black screen... SATA 0 installed SATA 1 installed 2-5 blank. I have attempted to installed windows 7 via USB, and Windows 10. All goes well until the product key is...
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    Remix OS Bootable USB Trouble-Thingy

    Hello. I attempted to boot Remix OS from my USB drive. I opened the boot menu on start up, and selected the drive. However, instead of an OS, I received a very simple error message: Disc error Press any key to restart I then got sent to Windows 7, which is strange, considering it said it was...
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    "Boot Error"

    Hey everyone i just bought my new PC and put it together it works perfectly fine, when i try to run the iso on my USB it says "boot error" i put the USB priority on 1 and still it says boot error i tried ubuntu and again boot error, but when i use this usbstick on my laptop it works fine, thanks...
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    Corrupt SSD and non working start up key combinations

    I have a mid-2013 Macbook Air with a corrupt SSD which is preventing the mac from accessing any of the start up key combinations like: Start up manager, Recovery Mode, Internet Recovery mode, Safe Mode, Single user mode. If i try to start the Mac, it just gives a the start up chime and a grey...