1. S

    prime os and corrupted bootloader

    please help me out there is some problem in booting of windows when i was using windows 8.1 i dual boot my pc with prime os off course to play pubg m on that but somehow i don't like it so i just go and uninstall the prime os which is linux based .but after restarting my pc windows bootloader...
  2. N

    Check for unlocked bootloader

    Hey, I own an ASUS A450CG. There is no official way to unlock the bootloader as yet, but I suspect it already is unlocked. I can run fastboot and have adb. Anyway to check if the bootloader is already unlocked? (oem unlock and getvar doesnt work > I believe due to x86 framework) Thank you for...
  3. S

    Installing GRUB Bootloader on a Windos 10 computer

    I have recently bought a laptop and then I have installed Windows 10 in it. This was a fresh install and the computer had no other software in it when installing windows. Now I want to load Ubuntu in it, so as to make it a dual boot machine. What are the steps to install GRUB (GRand Unified...
  4. thecodelearner

    Damaged bootloader

    While playing around with linuxmint 17.3, I accidentally pulled out the USB from which the live linux distro was running. When I tried to boot into Windows, it's now stuck in Automatic repair loop, it goes into loop whenever I try to boot into safe mode and startup repair cannot solve the...