1. K

    Can't boot my pc

    Hi guys really need you help my pc will not boot. So when i boot it says hard drive has no operating system but when i try to run the media creation tool it says windows operating system already on pc. Ive been at this all day. ive tried to reset pc it wont let me says error, repair pc says...
  2. M

    Windows splash screen for a few seconds then freezes black

    I've actually got into windows twice. Even automatic repair usually crashes at a black screen. The computer isnt responding because when I press caps lock the light doesnt turn on / off. Can anyone help? It's a HP pavilion 6130 with 8GB ddr2 ram and an AMD phenom x4 (dont know the rest)...
  3. KrisN

    Bootloop Gigabyte B365M DS3H

    I have tried for the past week or so to get the boot loop to stop and I am pretty much out of ideas. This is a newly build PC, So I am quite worried and disapointed at the prospect of my money being wasted on something that can only turn on for 30s max. Observations: There is an orange LED...
  4. UncoverHarry

    Wont load

    Hey, I own a cyberpowerpc, model number: GUA1200BST. I’ve ran into a issue in which I can’t find a way to solved. My computer is rebooting before it even gets to the window’s logo. My boot menu stopped working so I can’t even troubleshoot. How should I go about fixing this?
  5. K

    Restart loop

    Okay so for the past few months ive been having trouble with my pc. It started with a system 32 error a few months back and i eventually fixed that or so i thought. In the process of dealing with that i had to get a new harddrive. So i got a new clean harddrive and i booted it and starting...
  6. S

    How do I back up an android tablet while it is in recovery mode

    My Nexus 7 is in bootloop and it can go onto android diagnostics (the android with its stomach open and some options) and I want to back it up before I factory reset. I don't have TWRP preinstalled and I don't have any backup programs preinstalled. I am unsure if it is rooted but I think it is ...
  7. J

    Bootloop after Re-format

    So just a week ago, I re-formatted my laptop which is an Acer Aspire 5, to a computer technician because of bootloop and when i remove the charger, my laptop would shut diwn but my battery is fine. He said its probly virus. Paid 10 dollars for repair and it was working fine until today I played...
  8. W

    so... i factory reset my Packard bell

    so.. it all started with me factory reseting my Packard bell no errors succefull factory reset, but when i was too boot it back up! it was stuck in a bootloop and i cant access the bios, i waited ages.. got a new Computer, now i want to recover the old one! is this enugth info? contact and...
  9. M

    Solved New build 'boot-loop'

    Hey guys, I bought some parts that should be compatible, namely: Pentium g4400 Gigabyte h110m-s2h Crucial 4 GB dimm ddr4 2133 Event prof power supply 500 watt Kingston SSD 240 GB Whenever I push the on button, the fans spin and the mb lights up. Then after 10 seconds the whole system restarts...
  10. J


    I haven't slept since two days trying to fix this thing , I have a VIVO Y15S (MTK6580) . I planned to root it 2 days ago but that required me to unlock the bootloader so i went into fastboot mode to unlock it . Im a noobie with MTK Devices! Tho!. Everything went well! a dialog box showed upo...
  11. M

    Frequent blue screens and system booting failures

    Hia. I'm having problems with frequent blue screens and problems with booting up my system. After I install the OS again I can use the computer for around a week before it crashes. Also while booting I often had the option to check my disk for problems. I'm thinking that it's either something...
  12. shupadupa

    Asus Boot Loop

    My Notebook Specs: Windows : Windows 10 Home Single Language Manufacturer : ASUSTek Computer Inc. Model : A455LF/X455LF Processor : Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 - 5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz Installed Memory RAM : 4 GB System Type : 64-bit OS, x64-based processor Problem : My father had given me his laptop...