1. G

    Wireless bridge with multiple hosts

    Greetings, I have some issues creating a stable connection between a mobile device (AGV) and a VM running a windows server OS (I would have to ask which version). The wireless network, VM and main gateway are present and not something I can see the settings of. The AGV is a vehicle able to...
  2. R

    Insert router between Unite Pro and all my devices

    I currently have an ATT Unite Pro that I am using as my connection to the Internet and as a router for three to four computers, two to three mobile devices and a printer. I have heard the Unite is not that good at switching and routing and so I am looking to insert a router that can connect to...
  3. R

    Second router access point without cutting speeds

    I have a linksys E3000 and I'm trying to use it as a second access point to my existing comcast network. Currently it is setup to copy the network security settings and I disabled the Linksys router's DHCP server. I have the routers hooked up LAN to LAN (about 50 feet through my basement). This...
  4. earthian

    Why does POGO hate the Mac?

    I love playing bridge on Pogo. The problem is that i cannot play it on my 27" Mac and it is quite frustrating. There have been some queries on a similar subject here, but either they are old or the World has moved on.....and created more difficulties for the Mac, as far as Pogo is concerned...
  5. Y

    Newbie wireless bridge set up advice

    Hi, I would like some advice on setting up a wireless connection from my sisters apartment one floor indirectly below me. From what I've read I'd need to set up some sort of wireless bridge to connect her router to a second router at my location? Her signal doesn't even faintly reach my...
  6. R

    IP Phone Network Setup

    I have just recently been given a free Mitel 5312 IP Phone from a friend of mine that had an extra one from his business. I want to utilize it with my new home office. However, I'm having some issues getting it setup. Here is what I ideally wanted the setup to be due to the location of my...