1. T

    How to bridge AT&T Fiber Internet with Netgear AC 2300

    I have AT&T Fiber 1000mbps for my small business that I run at my home. I have VOIP 5 office computers and all my families devices running on this WiFi. AT&T provided me with a Arris BGW210 DSL router. I have my all my office equipment directly wired into the router and I still get a speed at...
  2. J

    Help creating a bridge that does not show

    I have tried multiple times to create a bridge between my ethernet and my wifi yet everytime it says they are bridged but no new adapter appears and if I right click them both they still have an option to bridge connection, I have provided a video link to show this and a description to more...
  3. M

    Bridging a router/modem combo

    I have a router/modem combo, but when I go into router settings there is no option to just Bridge mode it. I did some digging around on the internet and found a post that said I could just DMZ my new router through the combo one, should I do this? I don't think I have any other option to go for...
  4. UltraNeros

    Bridged Connection Not Able to Identify Network

    I am trying to connect my desktop to my laptop which is connected to the wi-fi. Since the modem/router is too far away to run a ethernet cable between I wanted to try bridging my internet connection through my laptop. At one point it was working, but I had to reset my ip cause there was a...