brightness control

  1. Rico549

    Display Darkens After Entering Fullscreen Mode

    Problem: A few seconds after I select "Fullscreen" in any video player or game, my display darkens significantly as if I had adjusted the monitor brightness all the way down. After checking, the monitor brightness still reads what I had previously set it to when this occurs. The display...
  2. J

    Brightness drops when I open a game

    Whenever I open any game application on my laptop the brightness dims - this is becoming very annoying for me as I cant play effectively. I have researched into this and think it might have something to do with adaptive brightness? I have searched my display settings, power settings, Intel...
  3. Benzotron

    Start menu will not minimize, desktop remains hidden

    I only see the desktop clearly and the icons for brief seconds upon start-up, but then immediately the start menu covers (or shades) the entire desktop and hides the icons. I've tried tried clicking the start menu icon and right-clicking the start menu icon and clicking "Desktop" (which does...
  4. MKI92

    Adjust brightness in Windows 7 on iMac

    Hey everyone I've recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my iMac (Retina 5K 27-inch Late 2014) using BootCamp. It went just fine and the support software was installed as well. Everything good so far. But.... When I started my iMac running Windows 7 the brightness went far up! The brightness...
  5. S

    The brightness control is not responding.

    I have a hp 15 ac-083tx laptop running on windows 8.1. few days ago my brightness controller stopped responding, even on changing the power options the brightness doesn't change. Once i had updated few of my drivers including the graphics and other like bios synaptics etc. The brightness control...