1. C

    Brightness is Stuck!!!

    So my brightness is stuck on high. Seems like a simple fix right? wrong. It will not adjust using the brightness buttons or in display settings. In display settings the option to adjust as well as night mode are grayed out or disappeared. I've googled what to do and tried all of those options...
  2. S

    Nvidia 960M on a MSI GL62 6QF

    Hello, my name is Sam and I need some help with my card. Every time I boot with it enabled it shows me a black screen after showing the MSI loading screen. When I disable then boot, get into windows and start doing things, if I enable it again it freezes the computer after about 10-15 seconds...
  3. J

    Factory reset stuck at 18%

    So I tried resetting my other laptop because it has been having quite a few problems lately, I moved some important stuff over to an external drive, yadda, yadda, and started the reset process. My computer goes into the process, starts, and then freezes at 18% and has been stuck there for over 8...
  4. Reso

    Solved PC powers down by itself, fans and fan controller still on

    Hi as the tittle suggests my PC keeps shutting itself down. I replaced my cpu heatsink and applied thermal paste to rule out my CPU overheating, my cpu now idles at 40°c. I think i may have a faulty PSU as when my PC powers down the fans ect are still on but my TV screen receives no signal...