broken monitor

  1. S

    Computer to tv without hdmi

    Short story LCD broken, no HDMI, no formatting possible. What cable can I connect to a tv? Details So my friends computer fell. None of the hardware is destroyed but the LCD is beyond usage and repair. They have a lot of data to get off it but removing the memory isn't an option now. I tried to...
  2. M

    Solved HDMI Laptop to Computer

    Think this is an Easy Question to answer: The hinges that support my laptop to its monitor have cracked and now the monitor has to be propped up with a back-support to function properly. I was thinking if I disengaged the monitor from the keyboard - cut the two wires going to the monitor and...
  3. R

    desktop display problem

    I'm just wondering whether I can see any display of my desktop if I will use a projector since my laptop monitor is damaged.
  4. R

    Using a laptop to connect to another laptop... Help me :/

    Currently I have two laptops. One fully works and the other has the monitor and keyboard both not working but the laptops specs are much better than the fully functional one. I want to know how I can use the system of my broken laptop connected to the monitor and keyboard of the other.
  5. J

    Broken lcd backlight or inverter?

    Hello I was wondering if someone had any advice. My laptop's inverter is makeing a buzzing sound and the screen is very dim. If i try to up the brightness the backlight shuts off(the pixels still work). Sometimes the screen starts flickering and working again but if i shut off the computer then...
  6. jucartor

    Green Slanting lines on monitor

    I hit my Monitor with football by mistake. The football hit it on the right side of the screen. Monitor also fell onto an adjacent shelf which was just beside my computer table. After all this, the picture quality became super bad. Pixels are so large and clearly visible. Especially when...