broken pc

  1. N

    PC - Monitor connecting issues

    Hi, I have a new PC that I got in February. Unfortunately while I was trying to look at my RAM and my graphics card, something happened and now my PC won't connect to my monitor. I have tried several online troubleshooting tutorials but none seem to work. A list of things I have tried are: -...
  2. K

    Whole thing is broken

    Hi all, I don't know which thread to post about this in so I'll just go here. My laptop is seriously broken, I'm not 100% sure how but I'll run through a list of problems it's got. I can't get into my own windows account, every time it just loads for a long time and then says there's an...
  3. Zunicorn

    Help ASAP PC is on but no display to monitor and keyboard and mouse dont work

    Recently, my computer has been messing up lately and it doesnt seem to work as per usual. The symptoms are that when i turn it on, all the fans work inside and all but my monitor doesnt display anything and along with that, my keyboard and mouse dont work. I've tested with another monitor...
  4. D

    Witcher 3/LoL fps issues, what could be wrong?

    So i played today as usual and i had a random blackout caused by thunderstorm while i was streaming league. When i booted it said something about "overclocking failed" and it looked like this. fdsf9ji6n.jpg (that is google image, not mine or any information is from my computer) I didnt pay more...
  5. itsyourboyjohnners

    My PC is really messed up and I don't have a clue why

    About 3 days ago my PC started running really slowly, too slow to actually do anything on it really. I scanned the HDD for errors and nothing, decided to defrag it because it was 1% fragmented but it blue screened. Whenever I try and defrag it it blue screens too, I've tried 3 more times now and...