broken screen

  1. B

    Peripherals, OTG, and port adapters for Android (+others)

    Hey there, got a couple questions. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. My issue mainly pertains to android devices but have lumped other questions in as well surrounding certain topics. Feel free to move it, this is my first post here so please be gentle. There's a lot and my thoughts are...
  2. S

    Coffee Spill!!! Urgent

    so long story short my laptop spent the night in a coffee spill. Good news is it was only about the size of a United States quarter, maybe 2. It was working fine for about half an hour then the screen went out. The keyboard is backlit and there is an indication to show when it is on. So I know...
  3. E

    Connecting broken laptop screen to external monitor???

    I cannot figure out how to do this. I have a Lenovo Y510P upgraded to windows 10 pro. The HDMI is connected to an external TV HDMI. I have tried to hit the function key with the external monitor key, but nothing happens. I do not know what else to do. Any suggestions???
  4. B

    broken screen, need to clone it without being able to see

    I have an ASUS laptop. I broke the screen. I have it attached to an external monitor, but now the computer has gone into sleep mode and I can't see to sign in. The external monitor is currently configured to be an extension of the main screen. How can I change it so that the external monitor is...
  5. sjwindsor03

    8.1Broken screen & stuck in safe mode from misconfiguration

    I broke my laptop's screen and have been using my laptop with my TV via hdmi. I needed to boot in safe mode so decided I'd go to msconfig and set it to boot in safe mode. UNFORTUNATELY (I just discovered) my laptop doesn't send a signal to external monitors while in safe mode so now I'm...
  6. C

    Could this be a virus?!?

    So, today I turned on my notebook and I noticed there was a bar covering half of the screen, I never dropped the notebook, it never had any contact with liquids that could damage it. What could it possibly be? Sometimes colored stripes appear in the bar.
  7. G

    Can't Access device with broken screen

    I accidentally broke my Samsung Galaxy A3 display and ended up with a black cracked screen. The phone is responsive as when i press the physical buttons, the non-physical buttons light up, and I also still hear notifications ring. I need to access the phone for data retrieval to be able to move...
  8. F

    HP Pavilion dv6000 Laptop Screen Broken. Help!

    I have an HP Pavilion dv6000. However, the problem is that the screen's dead and I can't see for love nor money anything on it to be able to connect a TV screen to it to be able to use it as an external screen. The machine itself still works, the screen's just on the blink. I have NO idea...
  9. MaybeMaybeNot99

    Kindle Fire Not Working after Dropped

    I recently dropped my Kindle Fire and the screen was very cracked,the graphics where completely ruined and the screen was only lines across the there anything i can do to salvage it or is it permanently ruined?
  10. X

    Accessing BIOS With a Broken Laptop Screen

    G'day guys! I just downloaded that game " We Happy Few" which requires 512MB of dedicated video RAM? I saw a video on how to increase that, but as mentioned in the title, my laptop screen is broken and I'm only using this laptop with a 42 inch LCD connected by a VGA cord. How can I change my...
  11. H

    Broken laptop screen, monitor, uninstalled drivers

    My laptop screen was smashed but the laptop still works. So I started using a monitor attached to it with an HDMI cable. I was facing problems with my display driver because it would cause some games to just crash. Looked up fixes and found one that said to uninstall the drivers. I...