1. ConorSpa

    WiFi doesn’t work!!

    So I have 7 people in my household all using the WiFi, and my pc is the only thing that does not get WiFi, so I do not think it is the router. But just in case, I have a Verizon router. It will occasionally receive WiFi signal(for example it had WiFi for about 20 mins today) but after that it...
  2. Eviegelical

    My laptop wont sign in

    Hi, im not amazing at computers, im still learning so I hope this is the right thread. Anyways, I updated AMD Radeon and my mouse was lagging so I fixed that and now my laptop wont sign in, like I can try and sign in with my password and it tells me its wrong, I tried everything on google and...
  3. EllisConrad

    New pc worked but now wont work

    ok so I had just installed windows 10 pro on my new PC and I was installing the drivers for my motherboard (MSI b40 tomahawk max) when the screen went black I reset my PC tried different HDMI and display port cables and nothing would come up on the screen. graphics card , cpu cooler, case fans...
  4. Y

    Laptop screen freezing/discolouring if not at certain angle

    Hi, so i know next to nothing about laptops so i apologise if i explain this wrong. My screen keeps freezing and/or discolouring when i sometimes move my laptop. Usually if i just readjudt the angle of the screen it comes back fine but its getting worse. The closest analogy i have for it is...
  5. C

    laptop and camera question

    I have I have a 17 inch HP laptop that I bought second-hand not that long ago that I really enjoyed using lots of memory fast processor. I teach online plus I work online with several businesses and so I'm dependent on my laptop. This morning I realized that when my cat knocked it off my desk...
  6. A

    USB stuck and broken

    I got a wireless mouse a couple months ago, taking it to school on my bike rides. Although recentley I've had a problem where the usb gets stuck inside the usb port, but another half of it comes out making me unable to pull it out and use it for other purposes. I will leave an image to show what...
  7. Y

    My pc doesn’t turn on

    Well here i am i searched of the hole internet for help but couldn’t find any. I recently bought a pc but it didn’t turn on so i thought it would be the psu that was broken, well it wasn’t. So i tried my motherboard but that wasn’t broken either (my motherboard is an msi b450m motherboard and my...
  8. J

    broken SSD

    It all started when I found an old SSD/HDD adapter. I put the RealSSD C400 2.5 128GB in and turned the adapter on. It kept saying "you need to format (drive letter)". Knowing this wasn't the best adapter, I tried a few more times until I finally got Windows Explorer to open and get to the Users...
  9. J

    I cant break my nic

    I am trying to install a broken nic into a computer for a test and in the test, we are supposed to test the nics with a loopback address but even after hitting the nic with a hammer and paper taping the pins the loopback is still coming back as successful. HELP. The test is tomorrow and properly...
  10. N

    Broken Ethernet port, need help understand network adapter

    Hi guys. I'm a streamer and I've had some serious stuttering in my stream and I'm trying to get to the bottom of what's causing it. One possible issue is that a while ago my ethernet port broke, and I connected my ethernet through a USB connector as a replacement. I was unaware this might...
  11. S

    Broken audio jack

    Hello guys, i find out that my audio jack is broken and i cant use my build-in speakers. I tried updating my drivers, unistall them and reinstall them over and over again but nothing really worked. I heared someone telling that you can use some kind of realtek audio manager to change the audio...
  12. P

    Audio Jack Broken???

    This morning my audio was all working fine, until I launched a game and the audio started coming out of my speakers instead of through my headset. I'm really frustrated and have tried almost everything, I've updated my drivers, I'm afraid to delete them and reinstall them because I'm unaware of...
  13. A

    Is it possible to replace the buttons on Bluetooth earbuds?

    So I've got these Bluetooth earbuds that I broke a while ago by breaking the little chip with the buttons. Is it possible to replace that chip with that of a cheaper pair of Bluetooth earbuds? Thanks in advance
  14. Z

    Broken power / volume buttons

    Hello, I own a Motorola E4 Plus and the power / volume buttons are broken. Due to this, I cannot power on my phone. The phone is completely charged and the screen works too. I have tried adb & fastboot but my device is not being recognised by my PC. Is there any way for me to power on my...
  15. D

    Mic broken?

    Ok so before i got the lenovo support bridge and updated all of my drivers my headphones where recognized and working but now they wont recognize so i need help i reinstalled drivers and still didn't work
  16. K

    Samsung A5 display is broken how do I control it from my pc

    my Samsung a5 was droped from a hight and the display stopped working but the touch screen is working so is it possible to Screen mirror my phone to my laptop? And i am not sure if the usb debugging is turned on (Also my home button doesn’t work) Help.... ! :(
  17. I

    Headset's Sound Is Flipped

    Mt turtle beach's headset sound is the wrong way. I'll be hearing stuff from the right in games then the thing will be on the left. I'm using the stereo option in playback devices but I've tried all the others they give the same problem. I cant just flip over my headset cause then I cant use the...
  18. P

    Problem with graphics, maybe GPU broken?

    Hi, my problem is that some of the textures during gaming is messed up and it's in every game. Also, it recently started to show during normal usage of computer, for example some letters are messed up or some textures. Examples: my specs: i5-3570k Ram; kingston Gddr3...
  19. D

    Is the motherboard damaged?

    Dear all, I recently emigrated to Germany, Hamburg. To transport my desktop PC (plane) I dismounted the GPU, hard disks and wifi card and packed all in the original boxes. I bought a bigger box than the desktop, and left the CPU, it's fan, motherboard and the other fans mounted, but all cables...
  20. K

    GPU-Shutting down

    Set up computer os-windows 7 premium cpu- i7 2600k gpu- nvidia geforce 960 motherboard - asrock (cant rember the rest right now) psu- 600 wats I will try to get the motherboard name when i get home... But my main problem is my gpu when play any game from Skyrim or PlayerUnknown my gpu stops...