bsod bluescreen windows 10

  1. migalf062

    BSOD win 10: Thread Stuck On Device Driver

    ok so i had this for a year now, i just kept restarting and restarting. my computer specs: -amd Ryzen 5 3400g -16gb ram -win10 -no gpu just integrated apu -colorful a320m-k pro v14 problem: whenever i play games such as Dota2 or Csgo it would run a fair amount, then it would bluescreen with a...
  2. enigmadragon

    BSOD on laptop (Windows 10)

    When I turn on my computer I get the bsod and it says "your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart I will do it for you." After it restarts it says its preparing automatic repairs. This is the problem I'm stuck at. I've tried to boot in safe mode no luck. I've tried to do a system...
  3. SebbyKuro

    Pc crashing so often ever since i got it

    my computer keeps crashing i already tried to reinstall my gpu driver and i dont know know what to do help.
  4. Anujsingapore

    Atikmdag BSOD upon AMD driver install

    I have following: DELL Inspiron 5468 laptop - Windows 10 Enterprise - 8GB DDR4 RAM - 500 GB SSD -1TB HDD - INTEL BASIC 620 GRAPHICS - AMD R7 M440 dedicated 2GB DDR3 card Issue is with AMD driver, whenever I try to install driver for AMD, I receive blue screen "PAGE Fault in non page area"...
  5. N

    Computer is Messing up

    So, I did a reset on my computer to remove corrupted files and I selected the "Cloud download" option. When everything was finished, the corrupted files were gone, but I still got the same BSOD (kernel security check failure). My computer's also much slower compared to last time (when I didn't...
  6. N

    Corrupt Files

    So when I try to play R6, the BSOD appears and it says kernel security check failure. I did the sfc/scannow in the command prompt, and apparently I have corrupt files. Is there any way to fix that?
  7. ChelseaNeedsHelp

    BSOD - Unmountable Boot Volume

    PC SPECS: OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Education, 64 bit Processor: i5 7th Gen Total Physical RAM: 16 GB I'm using a Hailan All-in-one PC, just bought a few months ago. Problem: I used the PC perfectly okay the same day it went blue screen. After about 5 hours since last using the PC, I...
  8. EBJordo

    Windows Crash

    I’ve been having issues with my computer for about a week now. I built it brand new at the end of August. About a week ago, my computer just wouldn’t detect my GPU. The next day it had fixed itself, and seemed to work well for a few more days. Then I started getting windows BSOD crash. With the...
  9. S

    Blue screen after log in

    Whenever I log into my computer and it loads into my desktop after a couple seconds it will crash and ill get a blue screen and it says system service exception than last time it happened the message said app index mismatch
  10. S

    Surface book rebooting loop issues

    Hi guys, hope it is the right thread, bcuz I don't know what is the core of my problem. If it's Windows, software or hardware idn. The problem is: My surface book suddenly showed the blue screen of death with the following message: 停止コード:CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Then it automatically booted into...
  11. M

    Constant crashing and BSOD on MSi gaming laptop

    Hi all, My MSI gaming laptop crashes randomly, even when no programs are running. I get all kinds of BSOD error messages (see below). Someone in a Facebook group suggested that it was an overheating issue, but the core temps don't get that high. I blew out all the vents anyway, but there wasn't...
  12. ijasir

    BSOD, atikmdag.sys, AMD Radeon 530, nonpaged are fault

    After a sudden crash (BSoD) during gaming srttrail.txt error was shown and then I clean Installed Windows 10 using a windows media creation tool and then updated Lenovo recommended drivers(Lenovo ideapad 320). My intel 620 GPU is successfully installed and running while AMD is throwing...
  13. C

    Laptop, BSOD atikmdag.sys

    I have a Laptop Dell i7 Inspiron 5567 with AMD R7 M445 Graphics card, I'm having BSODs a lot from the past couple of months. Sometimes I think that its 'cause of the AMD I'm not sure. However when I disable it the BSODs don't come but when I enable it and start playing Fortnite BSOD again comes...
  14. H

    UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION BSOD and then infinite loading

    Hi, i need help with a problem that just happened today I was normally using my computer watching youtube until i got a bluescreen with the phrase UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION at first i wasnt really worried since i had a bluescreen about that before and no problems after it but after this one...
  15. Unweakened

    Hardware issue or not? if so....what?

    Hi all, First time here, need to try and figure out what is wrong with my PC. Few weeks back I started getting BSOD's randomly, always a different code and i could never figure out what was causing it. Prior to the BSOD, only sometimes, the applications might flicker, or if I'm playing a game...
  16. palo139

    Random BSOD

    Hey, I'n new here and I have a big problem with my pc, after playing games or casually browsing Internet I get BSOD with stop codes like irql not less or equal (dxgkrnl.sys), systém thread exception not handled (atikmdag.sys) Page fault in no paged area (ntoskrnl.exe) Can it be caused that I...
  17. Nix98

    Dell g7 keeps crashing (BSoD)

    Hello my dell g7 (windows 10) has recently been crashing and getting BSoD. At first the stop codes were the “unexpected store exception” and “critical process died” where i tried to fix it using the scannow thing in command prompt and there were no detected viruses or corrupt files. I also...
  18. D

    BSOD system service exception

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Build 18363 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 10, CPU Count: 12 Total Physical RAM: 16 GB Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Hard...
  19. M

    BSOD Critical Service Failure/ Failed

    Hi, Ok so I'm running Windows 10 Pro on HP Pavillion, Intel i3 1.9Gh For now that's all the specs I can remember. A few days ago my laptop started making a clicking noise and became a lot slower, however this morning when switching on I received the BSOD and the above message (Critical...
  20. T

    BSOD on W10 pc -- perplexing

    Long story to try and make short: Bot parts and assembled PC. boots. added W10. loads. crash after multiple crash. BSOD with different codes (kernal exception, different ones that vary every time) Give up and take it to Micro Center. It does NOT crash under stress tests. They advise a...