1. X

    Help with my poor internet and Wi-Fi, please?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've reached a pretty desperate point and I'm seeking some advice please? Basically, I'm having issues with online gaming and with streaming those games. I've done a variety of internet speed tests and the results generally come out as this: Download speed: between...
  2. D

    BT Hub 6 UP Address problem

    Hi, Basically I'm trying to set up another BT Hub 6 at the other side of the house to my current router and in the process I somehow managed to screw up my original router. I was changed the IP address and now I can't access the router page by typing in the default IP address or the one I...
  3. MrW0lf

    Emails appearing then suddenly disappearing

    So, I just set up a new laptop for a customer. His main email account is with bt internet ( He uses outlook (office 365) on his laptop and he has an iPhone 6 which accesses the same email address. All set up with imap settings. He doesn't use iCloud but syncs his calendar with...