1. A

    Display bug on Redmi Note 5

    Hi, When I restart my Redmi Note 5, there are black pixelated rounded borders on the four corners of the screen, and also two small thin lines on the top and bottom of the screen. I faced this issue first a day back, when I rebooted my phone. Then I did a factory reset and after that...
  2. Zehnsik

    Solved Processes starting at login screen. Why is this happening?

    This isn't exactly high priority or anything, but whenever I turn on my desktop, once I get to the login screen, Windows goes about its business as if I'm already logged in. For example: Notifications from Windows in the bottom right corner can be heard at the login screen, but not seen (Because...
  3. M

    In Progress Keyboard malware ?

    So I have got a brand new pc (mt first one) and i have downloaded a lot of of games like 500GB worth of games. after like 2 days of getting it i find out that keyboard response is very slow like i would type with my normal speed and watched every thing get typed slowly and after finally starting...
  4. D

    Android Speech-to-Text Box NOT CLOSING

    Hello, I'm glad that I found this forum because I have an infuriating problem with my phone. I am using a Motorola E 2nd Gen and the problem is that the google voice speech-to-text box cannot be closed, therefore I am unable to access my normal keyboard. I can use the voice keyboard, and delete...
  5. L

    Weird keyboard problem

    Hello. I have some weird and annoying problem with my laptop. There are 5 keys that randomly closes currently used task when pressed. (Esc, h, g, ;, and upper arrow) and after all tasks are closed windows shut down window pops out (and still if i press one of those buttons again, shut down...
  6. V

    my league of legends does not work !

    my league of legends is broken ! i want to play the game but it says i have no internet! when i have i tried installing and rienstaling and nothing works... i tried to resset my network settings but that didnt help either... i need help ! pls!
  7. chummpim

    Some Pages Of A Website Won't Load On My Laptop/Phone

    So I work on an Affiliate website. A week ago I was able to access this website with no issues but now one specific page of this website won't load for me. I reported this to the owner of the website to see if it was a bug but he and also one of my friend checked the website and it was working...
  8. V

    ASUS laptop incredibly glitchy/buggy

    I had recently bought an ASUS ROG laptop, it is very good for gaming, but has a TON of glitches and bugs riddled through the system. I have been looking for a fix for these glitches forever, but have not come across a fix. Here are some details. Problems I have run into: *Sometimes when I click...
  9. K

    Solved Multiple invisible windows open in windows (java bug?)

    Hi, I've had this problem for about 3 months. Initially it started with one or two random invisble windows open in the alt tab interface but more recently the number of windows seems to be multiplying to ridiculous amounts. Not sure what is causing them. I have run my malwarebytes antivirus and...
  10. O

    [Win. 10] Can't log into computer after Safe Mode

    Hello there! I'm having some horrible difficulties with Windows 10 recently, and now I can't even use my computer because of it. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get regarding this issue! The problem: - I was originally trying to fix another Windows 10 issue I was having on my PC (my...