1. R

    Help with choppy GUI boxes!!

    need help! Like seriously.. My pc specs are.. windows 10pro asrock 970m pro3 Motherboard 32gb pc1866(I think) Gskills Ram, AMD FX8370 Blaxk Edition CPU (not overcooked) EVGA 8gb Nvidia GTX1080 GPU 43" Samsung 4k UHD Screen The Issue.. last week my pc did and update I can't remove. I have...
  2. effingpot

    W10 updates stopped my app working

    Hi there, I made myself a little app with the help of some programmers and it's worked fine until the other day I got this error on W10 PC during startup. Before I pay them real money to debug the app - is there anything I can check on my PC that might show what's changed? It's the same on all...
  3. M

    New Delete key and Num period always active

    Not sure if this is the right board, but I'm having a problem where my delete key is apparently always pressed. Whenever I select any text, it deletes anything after the cursor, or if I click an icon either on my desktop, in a folder, or in the start menu, it spams the delete file prompt. I'm...